Sunday, May 15, 2016

FTT Off-Topic: The Side Project

It's What Happens
Not sports, enjoy or not.

In case you've been wondering why the sports blog posting rate is off the usual levels, three points.

1) Web publishing revenue being what it is, um, yeah. Click on more ads, buy more T-shirts, and rewind the history of sports blogs to give me a controlling interest in Bleacher Report ten years ago. I'm still amazed that worked. Oh well.

2) Baseball, ehh, baseball. I keep trying to watch, and keep falling asleep. The fact that my fantasy laundry can't keep an ERA under 5, and my real-life laundry is a zombie franchise until they get their stadium situation dealt with, not helping. Maybe more later in the year.

3) There's Music Afoot. Twenty years ago (yeah, I'm old), I had a rock band that played a few hundred gigs and did four different studio projects. Many of the principals involved in that seem to want to get together and Do Something. So there's been songwriting (yeah, I'm as surprised as you), a lot of web work to archive all of the stuff we did back then, and Planning. You can keep up on the progress of that at this here Web site.

Anyway, go check  out that site. Play some YouTube tracks. Tell us we suck, or that we're great, or that it reminds you of some band that's going to make me wince, because despite the fact that the band didn't make it, I'm still a snob. Or not; it's your call. Back to sports when events warrant.

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