Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stephen Curry Did This To Paul Allen

Eat It, Paul Allen  
What a game.

Portland played pretty much an A game tonight; a little scared when the Warriors made their run, and they were victimized by the terrible officiating that was the only threat to this game being an all-time classic. They got off to a great start, made big plays from their back court, made all sorts of insane threes... but the Warriors had Stephen Curry.

Playing for the first time in weeks, coming off ankle and knee injuries, looking like his 40-year-old self... but we was still contributing with assists and scores off penetration, and starting to heat up late. He made us all forget a ridiculously good game from Draymond Green. He made us all forget everything else in this game, honestly. He made the perfect pass to Harrison Barnes for the tying three. He had to take major minutes due to an addled ejection of mild-mannered Shaun Livingston from idiotic refs. He missed at the buzzer. And then the overtime came.

Just the best overtime I've ever seen from a single player.

If you missed it, go find a feed. Honestly. Burn it into the DVR and keep it for the summer months when there is only baseball and meaningless football. Try to watch the shake and bake and take and make threes for which the only reaction is glee and laughter.

I never thought I'd enjoy a basketball player more than 2000-2001 Allen Iverson. He played for my favorite laundry, he played as if his life depended on every point, and he willed teams to win.

But, um, Curry is better. Iverson was the MVP, but he was never the best basketball player on the planet. Curry is. Was last year, is this year, and if there is a just and loving God, he'll stay healthy for the rest of these playoffs, and give us more moments like this one.

He just ruined Paul Allen's day. On national television, with a GIF that we can put on Paul Allen's tombstone, and Paul Allen made me unemployed for no damned good reason at all when I had a six-month-old baby. Eat it, Paul Allen. Eat it cold, eat it on national television, eat it all the way to meme status. This is my Iverson stepping on Tyronn Lue moment, without the following four games of heartbreak.

Curry's played one basketball game in three weeks. He got 40 tonight. Against a world-class defensive effort, in a hostile gym, with 2.5 quarters of rust.

I have to somehow go to sleep now, and get up for work in four hours.

Worth it. So, so, so worth it.

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