Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cavaliers - Warriors Game Seven: The Only Game Ever

Here's how good this game was.

I'm not a Cavs fan. I think the NBA messed badly with this series with the Draymond Green suspension, with Adam Silver losing his innocent image for good. I think Dan Gilbert is an utter asshat, and I feel bad that he's happy.

But, well, it's all OK.

Because the game, the actual game, was just so God-damned good.

I don't remember a better basketball game than this, and it didn't go my way. That's how good of a game this was.

It had the best play in NBA history, in James' chasedown block of Andre Iguodala at the rim late in the fourth quarter. It had a career-saving redemption for Kevin Love, so bad for so much of this series, but essential for his team tonight. It had Kyrie Irving outplaying the first unanimous MVP in NBA history, with the go-ahead three happening on near perfect defense. It had Tristan Thompson punishing the Warrior bigs time and again, and James somehow winning despite his jump shot mostly deserting him again.

They overcame Draymond Green playing out of his mind. They overcame a 3-1 deficit against a team that had the best record in NBA history. They overcame the loudest and best crowd in the NBA, a vastly more experienced coach, a roster with a problematic at best bench, and so much more. They overcame some of the best defense you will ever see in an NBA game, because the Warriors did everything tonight, with the exception of securing enough rebounds. That was enough of an opening to give the game to Cleveland.

This might have been the best game I've ever watched, in four-plus decades of watching the NBA. It was so good, that I'm OK with the result, the next 4.5 months of sports oblivion, the inevitably clueless takes of how the Warriors choked, how Stephen Curry is overrated, and any other nonsense you might want to hear. The Warriors were almost lucky to be in it, given how little they got from their back court tonight.

This game had, what, 20 lead changes? After six games that barely had any?

Anyway... I hope you saw it. I hope you were able to watch the game for what it was -- an utter war with nary a possession wasted, with the spread never getting out of touch. For all four quarters, I could not look away.

Cleveland Fan got their championship, and don't have to be cursed any more.

I'm glad for them, but happier for the world. Because we all got to see this game.

And because basketball is just the best.

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