Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cavaliers - Warriors Game Two: Change The Playoffs Already

Preach, Beavis, Preach
Not much to say that isn't obvious about this, other than wow, this doesn't look like it's going to be any kind of a series, and we really need to stop letting the lEast put a team in the Finals when they are rarely one of the two best clubs. But let's dig into it.

> When Draymond Green is the best player on the floor, the Warriors are going to blow you out. When Green is cooking, he does everything -- pass, score, defend -- in the one place that teams in this playoff season have gotten the better of the Dubs. And he usually does it all over the floor, rather than falling in love with the 3-ball, or turning the ball over. (See that Thunder series.) But it's not just Dray that's ending Cleveland.

> Andrew Bogut was an afterthought in the Finals last year, as the Warriors went small when they were down 2-1, then never looked back, with Andre Iguodala getting the MVP. Tonight, he was a block machine in Q1 when the game was still close, and gave Green all the room he needed to dominate. Without him, the Cavs take a big early lead and maybe change the whole narrative of the game. For two straight games, the Cavs have failed to convert at the rim, with Bogut on the scene for a lot of that, and it's killing them.

> The margin tonight was 33, and that was with Stephen Curry playing light minutes due to foul trouble, along with generally not being needed. So in 2 games, the Cavs are -48, with Stephen Curry only scoring 29 points. Maybe he's not capable of getting his usual right now, but if he was? The entire second half would be garbage time.

> This is the first time that a team has beaten the James Gang in 7 straight games. I have no idea what the Cavs could do to stop this. There's just an absurd number of matchup nightmares for them in this series, and there's nothing that's happened in either of these two games that's changed that mindset.

> Kevin Love got hurt tonight, in what should be seen as a PR nightmare for the league, in that he didn't get checked out for concussion, then showed signs of it later. Dude did hit a 3 after the incident, though. Weird. Anyway, if he's out, it might actually help the Cavs, because they are just getting murdered at the rim on missed assignments and cuts, and not hitting nearly enough shots to mitigate the bleeding. Again, maybe this is different back in Cleveland, but so far, the only lineup that the Cavs have seen positive numbers with his been two bigs, neither of them Love. And that's got small sample size written all over it.

> Game 3 is Wednesday, and it's hard to see how the Cavs could hold serve at home and give us a series. A real shame, because blowout hoop has been far too common this year, and this is the last hoop we get to see before late October... and I so wanted more Good Hoop after that insanely great Warrior - Thunder series. But until the NBA goes 1 through 16 with seeding and forgets Conferences, this is what we get.

So, NBA?

Can we please forget about the conferences in the playoffs already?

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