Saturday, July 9, 2016

FTT Off-Topic: Ending The Gun Argument

Not sports, not going to change a thing, read or not. I'm just, um, unloading.

So, gun deaths, America, sadness, lather, rinse, repeat.

Why is this still news?

I mean, we're not going to do anything any differently, with the possible fun new exception of the police using bomb delivery robots to kill suspects. (Hey, NRA? How come only the cops get to have bomb delivery robots? Stand up for that, too.)

Go march in the streets. It won't matter.

Go sit down for marathon sessions in the House and Senate. It won't matter.

Go post your live execution on Facebook. It won't matter.

If it didn't matter when it was tiny little kids, and it didn't matter when it was 2X the tiny little kids but now club gay people, why would it matter when it's a half dozen cops?

I don't see anyone with guns turning them in.

we do see, as we always do after these ads for firearms, more people buying them. Because this is the time, Lucy's holding the football for sure this time, that you won't be able to buy more of them. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Pay up.

This is America; a country where we love a lot more stuff than our fellow citizens, whether they are kids or bigger kids or cops or fill in the blank. Our kids. Our dogs. Our cats. Our houses. Our cars. Our money. Our stuff. Our selves.

This past week and a half, where I live, there's been a lot less people around. Holiday and vacation season around the July 4 break, when families with kids are pretty much required to use or lose, and the ocean is only an hour or so away, so the population density has dropped a lot.

It's nicer now. Traffic is less difficult, it's easier to walk my dog (I'm white, so I get to do that without being shot; it's nice) and walk or run my miles, and there's easier times getting in and out of the places where I have to go.

Maybe we're looking at this gun thing all wrong, along with the relatively modern phenomenon of a more secular existence, rather than so many people putting their faith in the Almighty.

Maybe God exists, but since you can't logically have all-powerful, all-good and all-knowing (well, I know, you can, but it requires you to turn off that logic part of your brain which Sky Spirit made, so, um, snake eating itself)...

Well, I vote for all-good getting tossed out of the grocery cart of Godly attributes. Let's face it, the really perniciously evil stuff like hurricanes and cancer and radiation had to be hella fun (pardon the pun) to make and let loose. Live a little. Good is boring.

So if you're OK with a God that's all-powerful and all-knowing but not all-good, everyone eventually shooting each other to death is just Fun Times, right?

Especially if it's the only sure way left (because Science) to cut down on the population and make things nicer in the long run?

Ah, well. Maybe I've said too much.

But in the meantime, Media?

Let's just stop covering massacres.

They happen too often to be news, your people might get hurt covering them, and until they come sponsored by the NRA and its ilk, I'm just going to consider them infomercials.

Black lives matter? Blue lives matter?

No life matters.

Except, of course, for the people willing to own tools that end other people's lives. After all, in the final analysis, they are just more committed to winning the argument.

With their wonderful tools!

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