Monday, July 4, 2016

Return To Meh: The Sixers Sign Jerryd Bayless

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Here's how little the world of NBA free agency impacts the Sixers even now, in the post-Sam Hinkie Era where the franchise is said to have turned a corner from the days of stockpiling assets and don't need to win games right away... no free agent of note was in any way connected to the club in talks, and the impact of the first two days can be boiled down to swapping PG Ish Smith for G Jerryd Bayless. So even when they get a guy, the happiness is tempered.

To be fair, there was chatter about the club trying for G Jamal Crawford from the Clips, which probably did nothing more than make Crawford's agent happier, since it meant the Clips added some money to their deal. Oh, and they didn't make a qualifying offer for Isiah Canaan, which is fine, because Canaan probably doesn't belong in the NBA. Moving on.

Of course, calling Bayless a guy is right up there with calling Smith a PG; both are accurate, but likely beyond the point for a team with aspirations of wining as many games as they lose. (Note: this will not happen in 2016-17.) Neither move is even covered on the team's Web site, which might have something to do with NBA logistics, or the club just wants us to think much more about Ben Simmons coming to town, but still. 3 years for $9 million a year might be worth some ink, if only to give the world an idea of what Bayless is.

The short answer is a journeyman combo guard who has not been fantasy relevant, but might be a part of a rotation later. Probably better than Smith just due to age and defensive aptitude (i.e., he has any) , and maybe defensible as someone who is growing into the role... but fair from a name or an impact signing.

Because that's the dirty little truth about life in the modern NBA: no one who is worth a damn is going to a place where they don't think they are going to win. That's why no one worth a damn is taking the Lakers' money either. Timofey Mozgov or Jerryd Bayless. That's what you attract when you are bottom five; bottom five guys. Better hope like hell that Simmons and Joel Embiid really are as good as advertised...

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