Monday, August 8, 2016

Kevin Durant Does Not Tie Widows To Train Tracks

How ESPN Sees Things
Today in an interview with ESPN Radio, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr had to tell the hosts that his players, especially new forward Kevin Durant, aren't villains.

No, seriously.

And just in case you really needed proof that Big Mouse Sports is totally in the tank for WWE-style entertainment -- you know, even more than they already are, what with all of the WWE personnel showing up on their air routinely -- this should do it.

A basketball player chooses to exercise his rights as a free agent. You know, the same right that the vast majority of the American public has in their own employment. He chooses to go to a more successful franchise, because he's tired of not winning championships, and he's probably aware that he might be entering or leaving his peak years, and wants to a win a ring more than he wants to get paid, or keep living and working in front of the same people. For this, he gets the black hat, the waxed mustache and the ire of any number of people who will never, ever, face a similar employment decision in all of their days.

To be fair, it's not just the World Wide Lemur. Durant himself said that he didn't leave his rented vacation property for days after the announcement, because he was afraid someone might hit him with their car. And I suppose some of that might also speak to the egocentric nature of being a highly recognized guy when he goes out in public, but, um...

For the record.

People who need to add Story to their Sports are certainly allowed to; that's the nature of sports.

So long as you pay your money and aren't inciting a riot, it's all allowed.

But doesn't it just seem sad to live like that, and need sports to be a soap opera, as well as an exhibition?

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