Thursday, August 18, 2016

Top 10 Eagles Preseason Week 2 Takeaways

Wear Your Helmet More, Meat
10) The defense picked off Steelers QB2 Landry Jones four times in the first half and pitched a shutout, which would be really impressive if it weren't for the presence of Landry Jones in that sentence

9) Nelson Agholor went high and made a nice catch to convert a third down, so he's totally not a bust now

8) Much of the first team offense time was spent collecting penalties and generally sucking the joy out of life

7) On the final play of the third quarter, Marcus Smith II sacked the QB, so he's totally not a bust now

6) In the proud tradition of Rasheed Bailey and Freddie Martino, Paul Turner looked like a guy who could stick at WR, but won't

5) Unlike last week, there were moments when Chase Daniel looked like he belonged in the NFL, so, um, yay wildly overpriced small game manager QB

4) Dorial Green-Beckham dressed and played, but didn't look like he had any clue about how to play football, so he was as advertised

3) For the second straight week, the team won comfortably in a game that only one team seemed to care about

2) Winning 17-0 with a +3 turnover ratio and a whole minute more of possession tells you just how much Smoke And Mirrors was involved

1) Caleb Sturgis, and we swear we are not making this up, missed the game due to getting a concussion from a pre-game punt that went awry, and yeah, it's totally fine to cut a guy if he can't duck a pre-game punt, or just keep his helmet on

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