Sunday, September 11, 2016

Top 10 NFL Week 1 Ad Questions

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10) Can anything stop Peyton Manning from sucking on the corporate teat?

9) Since Southwest remembers historic disasters, isn't that kind of a really big reason to use someone else for travel?

8) Do I need to tell the TSA about my boner pills now, or are they still fine for agents to smirk at in the X-ray machine?

7) If I use Voya for my retirement planning, will I start hallucinating about origami squirrels?

6) Are passive aggressive douche-bags FedEx's best customers?

5) Can I buy a car that doesn't make me ruin my suit by inspiring me to dive into pools?

4) Why can't Aaron Rodgers keep his hands on his golf club when he's trying to murder flies?

3) Has anyone on the planet ever had their decision on which tablet to purchase been swayed by the NFL's use of Microsoft products?

2) Will Peyton write in visits from his brother outside of the regular season in ink?

1) How does celebrity rappers sitting in lawn chairs on suburban lawns bellowing at illiterates sell car insurance?

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