Sunday, September 18, 2016

Top 10 NFL Week 2 Ad Questions

Or, Um, Not
10) Does driving an Acura cause halluci- nations about driving a far more interesting car?

9) Is Apple marketing the new iPhone as magic because they enjoy being compared to an illusion foisted upon the gullible?

8) Does the spirit of Larry Fitzgerald's mom ever express disappoint over her son's inability to get his degree from a real college?

7) If I pay extra, can I get a rental car that isn't infested with Loverboy?

6) Is TD Ameritrade keeping Andrew Luck so busy that it's hurting his performance on the field?

5) Does anyone else find the seeming sentient behavior of Corona beer cans to be a little bit disturbing?

4) If you are lining up to buy a new phone, don't you have problems that a coverage network can't solve?

3) Isn't changing your beer's name to "America" something of a cry for help?

2) How does having a dead foreign explorer cosplayer in your above-ground pool help to sell car insurance?

1) Why isn't Bo Jackson called for a safety when he runs out of the end zone to get into his SUV for the Tecmo Bowl play?

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