Monday, September 19, 2016

Eagles - Bears Takeaways

Bear Fans Tonight
> Bears QB Jay Cutler is, after all is said and done, a 33-year-old guy who is a .500 starter, and that might be one of the more amazing things about his career, really

> S Malcolm Jenkins with a massive hit on an uncovered blitz, and wow, 3rd and 20 already

> Cutler airmails a screen for a near pick-six while looking understandably jittery, and that's about as good of a start as the defense could hope for

> P Pat O'Donnell kicks it high and short, and Green starts on their own 45

> QB Carson Wentz from the gun to start, before the crowd can get loud, and takes WR Nelson Agholor for a solid 9 yard button

> Again from the gun, Wentz checks out and hits WR Dorial Green-Beckham for the first on another easy out

> Manning-esque gun and pre-snap, then a slant to WR Jordan Matthews off the hot read for 4

> Green in figgie range as Wentz takes Matthews for 3 more, with the Bear defense getting very blitzy

> 3rd and 3 from the 30 is important, and the fifth straight play from an empty backfield, as Wentz goes to Sproles, who can't make his man miss to move the sticks

> 4th and 2 from figgie range on the road when you haven't called a running play is aggro, but HC Doug Pederson is going there, and from long count, Wentz hits DG-B for the first, and that's a monster play

> Sproles for 3 as Green finally runs it, then finally with an incomplete, as the nickel tips a ball away from TE Brent Celek in the end zone

> 3rd and 7 for money is Wentz to Agholor, who gets a great spot for the first

> Sproles to the 6 as Ryan Mathews' fantasy owners have heart attacks, then Wentz to Mathews on a bubble screen for a few more

> Pederson seems to enjoy milking clock

> 3rd and goal from the 5 is Wentz without a target, eventually leading to a 3 yard sack

> Decent decision making to not give up the chip shot figgie, and I know that's not saying much, but this is a franchise with an awful lot of Mark Sanchez in our recent past

> Caleb Sturgis connects, and it's 3-0 Green with 51 minutes to go

> RB Ka'deem Carey gets head damage twice for 2 yards, then Cutler bounces a ball as the Bear O-line fails again, and gets called for holding to boot

> Cutler to WR Eddie Royal for 31 on a quick screen, and yeah, corner are not good

> Cutler from play-action to WR Alshon Jeffery for another 22, and he's still got zip on the ball

> From the 30, Cutler makes a bad screen work to TE Zach Miller for 12, and he did that all on his own

> From the 18, Cutler shovels to Carey for a few more, and the defense is dominating the line of scrimmage, but the QB is making it work anyway

> Nice tackle by CB Jaylen Mills on the bubble screen to Jeffery, then 3rd and keep it tied is Cutler nearly getting picked by CB Ron Brooks; just a bad ball on an undercut to Royal

> K Connor Barth clangs one of the uprights, and Green still leads as Bear Fan is really not happy with the management for saving money in the kicking game right now

> Wentz to Mathews, and everything is an out, which seems like it's setting up something

> Pre-snap adjustments, then a run by Matthews for the first, but it comes back on a hold by T Jason Peters

> Audible to a Sproles carry, who jitters his way for 7

> 3rd and 9 from the gun has Wentz barely beating the rush and missing DG-B in front of the sticks; nothing about that play looked very good

> P Donnie Jones to the 34, where Royal fair catches it to end the first; Green 3, Black 0

> Royal for 8 off a missed tackle and Cutler reading a blitz; Mills with the failure to wrap up

> Carey doesn't get the first on second, but a random Kiwi FB gets it on third

> Cutler to Jeffery who has to wait for an arm punt as Mills gets roasted; huge gain and yeah, we're missing CB Leodis McKelvin and shouldn't have traded CB Eric Rowe

> Would have been a score if Cutler could have gotten it to the end zone, but some benefit to pressure

> CB Nolan Carroll with DPI on Jeffery in the end zone, and these corners aren't holding up on either side

> RB Jeremy Langford in for the score, and it's 7-3 Black after Barth makes the PAT

> If the DL doesn't absolutely own this game, Black is going to put up 30+ points, because this secondary just isn't up for this

> KR Wendell Smallwood with the nice return that gets Green a net of one positive yard from the end zone, because taking it out of the end zone just isn't a really smart play right now

> Matthews for nothing as Wentz is under center, then from play action under heavy pressure to Celek for the first... but despite the massive hit, it comes back on holding by C Jason Kelce

> The QB can sue for non-support, and his reaction after the blown play is not exactly poker player-ish

> Blown-up screen as Wentz nearly gets his man killed, and another flag on the line to book (Kelce, face mask, declined)

> 3rd and 20 is a give up run to Sproles for nothing, and this game is going away fast

> Jones with a bad time for a weak punt, which is 33 yards of back-rolling meh

> Cutler sacked by DE Brandon Graham off play action for a small loss, then finds WR Kevin White for 9

> 3rd and 2 and keep this in the realm of non-runaway is Cutler from the gun missing Royal, and Bears HC Jon Fox elects to punt from the 40; good recovery by Mills

> O'Donnell to Sproles at the 12, and that's a pretty great series by the defense

> WR Josh Huff for the tentative jet sweep to nowhere, then Mathews for five good yards

> 3rd and 5 and the offense hasn't done much in a long time is Wentz to TE Trey Burton, just a stick throw in a tight window, and that's a quality first down

> Wentz on a pretty touch throw to Matthews off play action for 32, and that was Green's best play of the night by a lot

> CB Lamar Houston goes down as Wentz is wild high, but one less starting DE for Black might be a fine trade to make

> Sproles for a yard, then 3rd and 9 for figgie possibility is Wentz to Burton on a nice cross, and Black takes on another 15 with a hit to the QB's head

> Really nice throw under pressure, really big play

> From the 14, Went runs for 4 and takes way too much of a hit because he tries to ease out of bounds; don't do that again, please

> RB Kenyan Barner gets nothing as the line doesn't execute a trap

> 3rd and de facto goal is Wentz trying Burton, but its broken up and not a great decision, as Sproles had his man stumbling

> Sturgis from 29 connects, and it's Black 7, Green 6

> Poor kick return, Black runs it to burn clock, and Pederson doesn't take a timeout before the 2-minute warning; hmm

> False start helps, then White gets little on a bubble screen; first Green timeout on a play where White nearly was knocked out of bounds

> 3rd and 8 and get the ball back is a give up dump which is stopped by LB Nigel Bradham before the sticks, and that was professional

> Sproles has to take a fair catch on a 51-yard bomb by O'Donnell, and Wentz will have a fairly long field and 98 seconds to work

> Sproles for 6 in bounds, not terribly quick, then a gutsy throw across the middle to Agholor in a triple coverage window

> Low to Matthews, then double clutches to Burton to get into figgie range

> Spike by Wentz with 19 seconds left and one timeout still in his pocket; reasonable poise

> Great ball by Wentz to the pylon, but Matthews drops what should have been a touchdown, and Christ, Jordan, that's just a mind-numbingly bad drop and a borderline kill shot before the half

> Weak throw in the flat is short, and Sturgis has to try from 53; Black ices a bad miss to the right

> Second try with time to think about it is good with plenty to spare, and Green leads at the half, 9-7

> Huff lucky to return a dicey ball at the corner of his end zone, with another Black CB (Bryce Callahan) down in the wash

> Green with a chance to take control with the opening drive, and it starts with Mathews for 2, then Celek for a first, but it comes back on yet another flag

> Between the flags and the drops, Wentz is being strongly sabotaged

> Sack by DE Willie Young as G Allen Barbre looks clueless on a stunt

> 3rd and forever is a scramble and heave to Agholor deep, who isn't good enough to get an obvious DPI flag

> Jones gets off a good punt, and yeah, Wentz deserves better than 9 points in 2+ quarters

> Langford for 15 as the DL fails, then Cutler to Miller on misdirection for 5

> Royal for 7 on a missed tackle by Jenkins for another first

> Cutler has time and then not on play action, with DT Destiny Vaejo forcing a huge fumble and recovery

> Wentz tries Agholor deep, who plays patty-cake and drop on a mildly underthrow ball, but FFS, catch the goddamned ball

> Tipped ball on second, then Wentz takes another man-sized hit on a doomed 3rd and 10 scramble that had no chance

> Kid is game, but can't keep letting himself get banged like this

> Jones to the 10 instead of aggro on 4th and 3, which is probably the right call given the struggles of the Bear offensive line

> Langford for 6, then 3 and 2 as the DL shows more sign of wear

> white for 10 on an end-around, then RB Jordan Howard for another first as Black is doing it all on the ground against over-pursuit

> Howard for 8 as the edge isn't contained again, then a loss of 4 as Graham stunts the line; nice play

> 3rd and 6 has Cutler from the gun bouncing one to Miller as Bear Fan is Not Happy with his QB

> Wentz to Matthews on a good cross after a weak punt, and for once the WR catches it; 22 yard gain

> Wentz for 5 on a scramble against good coverage, then Smallwood through a big hole for 14, and Green is in figgie range again

> Smallwood again for 5 as the line seems to be gaining balance, then Wentz to Burton on a good hook, and Black is on the ropes

> Complicated screen to Agholor, who fakes the jet, then hits the brakes and gets 8

> From the 6, it's Barner to the four for the first, 16 minutes left and Cutler looking sad on the sidelines

> A lot of clock burner in tight, then Mathews for great second effort off contact for the score

> Missed tackle by Young, but that's great balance and pedigree by Mathews as Road Eagle Fan starts to make noise

> Sturgis sneaks in the PAT, which is a big damned deal; Green 16, Black 7

> Sturgis isn't right, but hopefully, won't matter for the rest of this one

> LB Nigel Bradham picks Cutler and takes it to the 2, and that might be the end of this game

> Just a bad decision and worse execution by the QB, and this defense is starting to look downright frisky

> From the 3, Wentz to Burton on the screen for the score, and the flag is on Black for offsides

> Pederson with a nifty play design there, and Sturgis, clearly not right, can't make the PAT; Green 22, Black 7

> Cutler pulled with a hand injury, and this is where I should mention that I played Cutler tonight in fantasy, which is why he was so useless against a vulnerable secondary

> QB Brian Hoyer in, and he's one rousing comeback away from having this job, honestly

> End of 3, and it's Green 22, Black 7, and Green Fan is getting dangerously excited about this team

> Hoyer to Royal, Black to hurry-up, but it's not exactly speedy

> Hoyer to Jeffery, S Rodney McLeod barely misses a pick six

> Langford fumbles, and Black Fan can beat the traffic as DE Vinny Curry does the damage

> Mathews through non-tackling for 30, and he's looking really solid later

> Sproles for more, and Black has pretty much given up

> Fade to Agholor, who of course can't make the catch, and Wentz's stats might be ungodly if he had WRs

> Give to Sproles, then going for it from the 2 because of a lack of kicker, and oddly, the scatback gets it on a dive in the middle; he doesn't get there

> Bailout flag for offsides gives Green another shot at the coup de gras, and more injuries, too

> Mathews in off the fake jet sweep, and that was well-designed, with Peters doing the work

> Sturgis tries another PAT, and seems to have recovered; Green 29, Black 7, and Black may be really bad

> Rest of game goes to prevent mode as Hoyer racks up meaningless yards for anyone but the fantasy honks

> Eddie Royal with a score off a punt return, just to give Green coaches something to be angry about, and why Jones gives him an opportunity to do that, we'll never know

> Punching while down 15 with 5 minutes left doesn't speak well to Fox's discipline among his young defensive players

> Among the virtues of Pederson's first two games, low penalties and no turnovers by the rookie QB are really high on the list

> Much of Pederson's game plan tonight was clean, but keeping fragile RBs in the game late in a blowout isn't smart, though it was kind of fun to hear Sproles curse like mad at the two minute mark, both live and on tape

> Green moves to 2-0, Black moves to 0-2, and it's hard not to see how one of these teams might be really good, and one of these teams is utterly terrible

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