Sunday, September 11, 2016

Eagles - Browns Takeaways

Kind Of Looked Top 20-ish To Us
> QB Carson Wentz got a hard-count first down for the first of his career, so he's a Savvy Veteran already

> Wentz's first pass was dropped by WR Jeremy Matthews, which is also something that's going to happen a lot

> TE Zach Ertz with a one-handed catch that was among the best of his career to date

> A lot of RB Kenyan Barner early, which would be OK if he weren't so ordinary

> Absolutely gorgeous pick frees Ertz for another first down, and this is looking like Good Kansas City so far

> Perfect throw to Mathews for the coup de grace score, and that's about as good a start to the Wentz Era as you could hope for

> Drop, stop and give up run by Griffin, who reacts badly to contact while in bounds, as if he was important or something

> Wentz seems to enjoy hard count shenanigans, perhaps too much

> Second drive was much more Young QB-ish, but no major mistakes, and unlike past regimes, didn't end with defense-killing lightning speed

> Trent Green loves 2-yard checkdowns, because of course he does, so that third-down 1-yard checkdown must have made the booth sloppy

> Honestly, it's probably for the best that the Cavs won the NBA title last year, because the Browns are just so terrible

> PR Darren Sproles with the great return, and yeah, that guy is just relentlessly cool

> Wentz holding the ball too long creates the figgie attempt, which K Caleb Sturgis misses from 46, and the crowd was confused because one of the refs blew the call, while the other, um, didn't

> S Rodney McLeod ended the first quarter with cheerful anger on an end around, and more of that, please

> On the first play of the second quarter, Cleveland actually tried a play beyond the sticks, which didn't work

> Cleveland tried something tricky and remarkably stupid for a fake punt, with no punter, which, um, Did Not Work for a de facto turnover

> Wentz tries Matthews again in the end zone, but CB Joe Haden had solid coverage, and Green settles for the figgie

> The Factory of Sadness got its initial first down of the year just 18 minutes into game play

> The percentage of drops to throws for the Factory of Sadness was really impressive

> FOS passes the 50 on a competent screen, then false starts right away because, um, FOS

> WR Terrell Pryor makes a great uncalled OPI to get the FOS into the red zone, with CB Nolan Caroll getting victimized

> WR Andrew Hawkins with an absurd overreaction to no contact, then a ridiculously late DPI call on Malcolm Jenkins to give the FOS a gift first down

> Terrible call, with an uncalled hold on the defensive line as well, despite Green selling out for something that doesn't exist

> RB Isiah Crowell for the 2-yard score, and that was about as big of a gift of a touchdown drive as you've ever seen

> Three and out as the FOS defense shows pressure, and it's a game again with a depressing quickness

> Green believes a throw on the hands is a difficult catch, because, um, I have no idea why he believes that

> Green believes a failed fake punt gave the FOS momentum, and I think we might have a new candidate for the concussion protocol

> Missed tackling keeps the defense on the field, then Griffin runs for another first down, and yeah, this game is going south

> Defense just not tackling with the same crispness or penetration, but McLeod turns things with a tip drill INT, as Griffin misses a wide open guy in the flat; phew

> MLB Jordan Hicks gets credit for the tip, and he might not be a very good player, but stuff just seems to happen around him

> Barner for 17, and yeah, read option looks a lot better when the QB is an actual threat to move

> Wentz in the 2-minute drill was officially encouraging, as he didn't freak out with sideline throws, and used timeouts like a man with a functioning brain

> Really nice screen to Sproles, with Green not understanding that the clock really isn't an issue right now

> Sproles with a rare drop kills a chance at the first, and it's Sturgis time again

> The FOS iced the kicker from 37, which didn't work, which cost them after a good draw by RB Duke Johnson

> Obvious clip not called as Griffin runs out of bounds for a yard and seven lost seconds

> Absolute gift 58 yard splash play to WR Corey Coleman as the Eagle secondary decides to not look at the ball, and for heaven's sake, that was brutal

> Third and keep the lead is FOS pre-snap confusion and a timeout, then Griffin misses a wide-open Hawkins, as S Ron Brooks gets lucky

> K Patrick Murray connects, and it's 13-10 with 29 minutes to play

> Wentz wasn't on the same page with WR Josh Huff, because no one ever is

> Wentz to Matthews for a first was a very nice throw, and Green got lucky on a no-call for offsides

> TE Brent Celek for the obvious pick flag, then Sproles with another drop to set up third and rut roh

> Third and 16 is the pointless safe checkdown, and Green, of course, loves it

> P Donnie Jones finally gets one to not go in the end zone, but the 15 isn't exactly great, either

> You will be relieved to know that cheese steaks still exist in Philadelphia

> FOS for the gift safety with a blown snap, and that's fun; Green 15, FOS 10

> Uncalled hold for Haden on a deep ball, then a nice check down for WR Dorial Green-Beckham to set up third and keep momentum

> Really nice and patient run by Mathews to covert, and he's done well today in limited opportunities

> Great play fake by Wentz to set up the cross to Matthews for another first

> Third and get in figgie range is a drop by Matthews, not that it was a great throw or an auto conversion had he caught it

> Fourth and go for it because your punter has stunk is a hot read to Ertz and a first, and that's just perfect work by Wentz

> Wentz follows it up with a brilliant deep ball to WR Nelson Agholor, and yeah, Kid Might Be Special

> Big sack for DT Fletcher Cox from a basic rush, and that was porny

> Refs completely ignore the play clock, Griffin air mails a touch pass, and 3rd and 13 is in front of the stick and pointless, so yup, NFL Football Is Back

> Wentz looks beyond comfortable on a throw to Ertz, then Mathews and Barner get into the fun, and this looks done pretty soon

> Drive ends on a fumble and broken play, but clock was burned at we're 15 minutes away from a win

> Jones finally gets one to check up, and the FOS will start from their one yard line

> CB Leodis McKelvin out, which is worrisome, but probably more for later than now

> Piddling pass with decent coverage, overthrow deep ball to Coleman, and a no-hope throw-away for good work by the defense

> Holding, middling Mathews run, Wentz for a couple, then 3rd and 17 and don't turn it over is a Sproles screen for 9, so still a game

> Jones can't do it again, not one of his better days

> Drop, Connor Barwin sack and near strip, give up draw and yeah, nice series for the defense

> It's OK to grab Sproles by the helmet, because he's short

> Massive time of possession win for Green, which I guess is OK to have again

> Matthews for 9 on a gimpy Haden, Mathews for a first through a run blitz, and it's clock burning time

> Green told us that the Browns have to take chances when down 12 with 10 minutes left, when they don't have the ball

> Wentz didn't panic on a bad snap, whuch was also all kinds of encouraging

> Great throw to Matthews to convert, ball is just about the only place it could be

> Wentz even got lucky on a tip ball off Huff, as Agholor collected it for more

> Head bob flag for five, then Went from the gun on 3rd and 11 for another flag, and the false starts need to get cleaned up against real teams

> 3rd and 16 is batted down, but again, clock burns, no turnovers, we'll take it

> Jones with his umpteenth chance to pin gets it done with a decent effort

> Griffin sacked by Brandon Graham, fumbles, but gets it back

> Near safety, near pick, defensive line just owning life right now

> 3rd and 14 from the gun is a sprint by Griffin into CB Jaylen Mills for a nearly self-inflicted concussion

> 4th and 3 and end it is an incomplete to Hawkins, and enjoy the bus ride home to Ohio

> There may be few things on the planet as fascinating as the phrase "Cleveland's Hurry Up Offense"

> Griffin leave with his arm dangling, and yeah, we can safely say he's not going to be helping fantasy teams this year, unless you start the defense that gets him

> Mathews twice gets it 12 of the 15 yards to the end zone, then another yard to the two minute warning

> Pederson went hard to run it up points and a score for Mathews, but maybe he just needs to see this package work in short yardage

> After multiple attempts, Mathews gets a hole, and there's your everybody eats fantasy moment

> Mathews got gently placed to the ground by Peters, who had nothing better to do in the end zone

> Green 29, FOS 10, and it's Jon Dorenbos Magic Time, because there's no reason why not, really

> Griffin back on the field, because HC Hue Coleman has just been nothing but good ideas today

> Three handoffs and we're done; Green has now won 5 of their last 6 openers, but this one was more encouraging than most

> Oh, and one last thing... nice trade, Browns, thanks for Wentz!

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