Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Eagles Are 2-0, And We Still Don't Know If They Are Good

Go Rook Go
Tonight in Chicago, the Eagles were supposed to have a much harder time then they did in their opening week win against Cleveland.

It was a road game, for one thing. Chicago had an established QB and quality WRs, and the club was also short their top CB and starting TE. Rookie QB Carson Wentz was going to struggle, and the defense would get exposed, and a fun but doomed 8-8 ish team was going to be exposed.

Instead, it was nearly as easy of a win, and the nation got to see why the franchise went all-in on Wentz. He became the first rookie QB to start and win his team's first two games with no turnovers, and while his fantasy numbers aren't going to light up the world, he was criminally underserved by his WRs, who dropped several beautiful deep balls.

But more importantly, the defense just kept crushing the line all night, and when there were plays to be made, the defense made them, especially when it came to cashing in on turnover opportunities. They kept flying to the ball, ending pass plays so that young corners didn't have to defend for absurd periods of time, and the unit never had to race back on to the field after speed three and outs.

Was it perfect? No, of course not. Wentz keeps taking big and unnecessary hits. The punt coverage team blew one later. K Caleb Sturgis might be hurt. The play-calling with all empty backfields to start might not be replicable against a good defense. The offensive line got flagged a lot, and doesn't look like they can just carry a team.

But man alive, Wentz has played eight quarters of NFL football, after nearly no work in the pre-season, and hasn't turned the ball over. That's crazy.

So is how good he looks against pressure, how calm is while in clockable situations, his joy in the act of playing, and so on, and so on...

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