Sunday, September 18, 2016

Top 10 NFL Week 2 Takeaways

Too Pretty For Pain
10) Cleveland found a new way to lose, this one involving blowing a huge early lead to their most hated rivals, because LOL Cleveland

9) The Rams beat Seattle, because that seems to be the only good team they ever beat, and the Seahawk offense is always terrible when Jimmy Graham is active

8) Tampa utterly crapped the bed against Arizona, putting to rest for a while the idea that the NFC South might have multiple decent teams

7) Tennessee hung on for a 1-point win on the road in Detroit when QB Matthew Stafford threw a late pick, which was such a shock to Lions Fan, who is only used to nice things happening to their team

6) New England is now on QB3, which almost mattered in their win against Miami, except that they were up by a ton before that happened

5) San Diego lost a key offensive player to a brutal injury, but unlike their last game, decided to keep playing anyway

4) Washington continued to isolate CB1 Josh Norman for no good reason, undercut QB Kirk Cousins for cause with in-game and post-game sniping, and served notice why they never repeat as NFC lEast contenders

3) The Giants won their second straight game with a defense that no longer looks like the same old turnstiles, but then again, New Orleans outdoors doesn't exactly have a great track record

2) Denver scored twice on defense in the fourth quarter for the first time in forty years, sending Indy to their third straight 0-2 start to the year, because the Colts believe in hiring rodeo clowns to work on their offensive line

1) Pittsburgh showed the Bengals the door in an 8-point win at home that had fewer penalty yards in the entire game than a few minutes of last year's playoff game

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