Sunday, October 23, 2016

Eagles - Vikings Diary / Takeaways

Let's Get Ready To Check Down
> QB Carson Wentz to WR Dorial Green-Beckham for 4, then a false start on RT Halapoul- ivaati Vaitai, who isn't exactly making us all feel better about Start 2

> RB Ryan Mathews for 6 yards, setting up 3rd and Don't Fall Into An Early Hole

> Drop by DG-B for a missed first down, and yeah, Wentz is still so much better than his teammates, it's not funny

> P Donnie Jones takes advantage of wind and kills one

> Vikings QB Sam Bradford on to a chorus of hate, and sure, go nuts

> RB Matt Asiati for 2, then 3 on the classic telegraphed screen

> 3rd and 4 and get off the field is a drop by Asaita, and yeah, that was the kind of Electric Sam series we don't miss

> P Jeff Locke goes down on pressure, and that's a ST turnover; the P drew the flag by putting his leg on the rusher and falling down, which kind of sucks

> Green now leads the league in flags

> RB Jerick McKinnon for a yard as LB Mychal Kendricks does the job, then Bradford underthrows WR Charles Johnson, who had CB Nolan Carroll roasted

> 3rd and 9 and pick up the ST mistake is a checkdown to TE Kyle Rudolph; empty calorie numbers for Bradford

> Locke to PR Darren Sproles, who fair catches at the 10

> Mathews for 6 as the line looks better on running plays, then play action fools no one, with holding on LG Allen Barbre to boot; Flag 2 Of Many?

> Wentz is high, tipped and picked on a try for TE Brent Celek, and he should have never gone in that direction in the first place; disaster play

> Asiata stopped on first and goal at the 2, then a false start helps a little

> Bradford misses WR Stefon Diggs after full clock, then on 3rd and limit the damage, he's picked by S Rodney McLeod on heavy pressure by DE Brandon Graham

> Both QBs who haven't thrown bad picks all year have thrown bad picks

> Bradford's first pick in 158 attempts, and the first Purple giveaway all year, which is kind of astounding

> Wentz to Celek for 7, then takes WR Josh Huff for an easy 12 on a soft out

> Wentz and Sproles screw up the exchange, and that's an absolute gift for Purple; bad work by the QB

> From the Green 12, Bradford is stripped by DE Connor Barwin, S Malcolm Jenkins scoops it up for the fumble recovery TD, and the flag is on Purple with a 15-yard flag to boot

> I have no idea who these teams are, but this is just wacky

> Review rules that Jenkins was touched, so not a score; crap, and so much for home field officiating benefit

> Mathews loses 4 on a badly blocked sweep, then Huff gets 3 on a covered screen; line not doing much

> 3rd and 11 should have been a pick and is, with CB Xavier Rhodes making the lunge; fifth turnover in 8:15 of play, but at least that one has aspects of field position

> Just another bad decision by Wentz, who desperately needs to settle down

> Wildcat run by McKinnon for 8, then a dive for a yard, and a first down on another dive

> Bradford tries Diggs on a deep ball off pressure, and CB Jaylen Mills gets away with DPI, maybe because Diggs applauded too much

> 3rd and 10 is the classic Bradford checkdown where McKinnon can't make four men miss

> S Ron Brooks hurt on the play, and leaves on the cart in what looks like a season-ending knee injury, which isn't exactly helpful

> 4th and 5 in go-able distance and field position is a purple punt, since a non-turnover change of possession is kind of exciting; STer Cordarelle Patterson downs it at the 2 on a great play

> Wentz draws an encroachment flag, then Mathews gets 5 for the first

> Wentz to WR Jeremy Matthews for a 10-yard slant, and that was professional

> Bubble screen to DG-B for 3, then RB Wendell Smallwood for 3 more

> 3rd and 4 and Please Don't Turn It Over is a dangerous out to WR Nelson Agholor, but it works; kid does not lack for confidence

> End of the first quarter is somehow scoreless, which might be the most amazing thing so far today

> Wentz hits TE Zach Erta for 14, then misses several wide open TEs off play action, and yeesh, kid

> Flag 3 is a false start on C Jason Kelce, all of the flags on the OL

> 2nd and 15 is a drop by Sproles as pressure was disturbingly close again; with Vaitai showing weakness

> 3rd and 15 and Don't Turn It Over is a Green timeout off High Uncertainty, and as this is likely a give up run anyway, not seeing the point

> Wentz has all day to throw and a wide-open Agholor, and misses the WR for a score by several yards; might have been on the WR for slowing down, but still

> After five games of We Can't Believe This Guy Is A Rookie, Wentz is really, um, rookie-ing it up out there

> Jones to the end zone with a bounce

> McKinnon for 9, then hobbles off

> Asiata for 7 as the defense shows signs of Last Week's Ugliness

> Asiata for 5 as the defense seems to sell out for Bradford's non-fakes

> Asiata for a yard, then 3rd and 3 and get off the field is a simple dig to Diggs, nothing hard about that

> Asiata for little as DT Destiny Vaejo makes a play, then Bradford misses a wide-open Diggs by plenty

> 3rd and 8 and come on make a play already is a strike to Rudolph, way too open against terrible LB work

> In long figgie range, Asiata for nothing, then Bradford throwing it away

> 3rd and 10 and for the love of God, make a goddamn play already is an effective blitz from CB Jaylen Watkins prior to the incomplete

> Shaky K Blair Walsh connects from 48, because every long figgie works against my laundry

> Huff takes the kickoff the distance on an awesome drone camera angle, punctuating it with a backflip, and wow, speed and a lane and nice

> I'm kind of amazed Huff didn't get hurt or flagged for the flip, or that Walsh didn't just sit down on that tackle "attempt"

> Second straight week with a KR TD

> 15 yard flag on the PAT leads to a go for 2 attempt, which is pretty damned ballsy and I dunno, Doug...

> From the 1 for 2, it's Wentz keeping it for the deuce, and well OK then

> Also doesn't hurt to have the extra time for the defense there, as we saw last week on the road

> Green has the only KR TDs in the NFL this year

> S Chris Maragos down, but looks OK

> McKinnon loses 5 on MLB Jordan Hicks' penetration, then CB Leodis McKelvin nearly has a pick 6 on a telgraphed out

> 3rd and 15 and continue the avalanche is Patterson for 7 on a give up bubble screen against a 2-man rush, and That's So Sam Bradford

> Locke with a duck to the Green 35, and maybe the home offense can get moving, would be nice

> Mathews for a yard, then Wentz misses Ertz on play action, another missed throw

> 3rd and 9 and keep the damned ball please is long clock, blitz, screen into pressure and just a turd sammich

> Jones to the 23 with a fair catch

> Bradford with the near pick on pressure from Barwin, then Asiata for a yard

> 3rd and 9 and keep the defensive momentum going is a perfect pass to WR Adam Theilen to move the sticks, with the flag on Carroll for hands to the face before getting beaten like a drum

> Patterson on a screen for 8 with pain, then Bradford throwing it away on pressure

> 3rd and 2 and prevent points maybe is Bradford to Rudolph as the defense all decides to chase the QB, rather than cover the only possible outlet

> Bradford to RB Ronnie Hillman for a meager yard, then massive pressure and a ruled fumble with recovery by DT Beau Allen

> McLeod got there on Bradford's bad awareness, and yeah, we don't miss him

> Third Purple turnover of the half, so the game is even now

> Mathews for 2 then 6 as Fox gets the downs wrong

> 3rd and 2 and any points will do, honestly, just don't turn it over is long clock, then a missed throw to wide open TE Trey Burton, and good god, kid

> 4th and 2 is a non-draw, then timeout, and um, Doug Pederson is getting tricksy

> From the Purple 44, still going for it after the timeout to Troy Aikmann's disapproval, and it's a near fumble on the snap, then Wentz beating feet to the edge for the first

> Wentz tries DG-B, no flag on clear DPI on Rhodes; no idea why that's not a call

> Wentz also gets hit late, but why not, all flags are not Green now

> Delay to Mathews for little, then with the clock running down, Mathews gets it to the 17 as Purple doesn't cover the draw, oddly

> No timeouts left, 20 seconds to go, from the Purple 17

> Wentz needs to be careful and not blow the figgie here

> Tries Agholor on a pump fake, but S Terence Newman doesn't bite

> K Caleb Sturgis on with 15 seconds left as Pederson decides a half of poor Wentz decisions doesn't need to end with another

> Purple ices the kicker to prolong the overly long first half, then the offense comes back on and well OK then

> Wentz throws it away to Matthews, then Sturgis comes back on to try from 35; it's good

> Eagles 11, Vikings 3, in a score you don't see very often

> Bradford takes a knee, and that's the half

> Punts are good

> Mathews for 7, then gets it on 2nd and 3 as the idea that running it a lot might be good

> Smallwood for 4 as RG Brandon Brooks is down, as if this OL needs any more losses

> Smallwood for another 3 as Purple starts to sell out for the run

> Obvious DPI as Wentz tries DG-B, and even these refs can't ignore that

> Wentz with good patience to Mathews for a hurdle and a first, and it somehow doesn't get flagged on Green

> Wentz scoops up a bad snap and improvises to RB Kenyan Barner for the first, and Kelce keeps doing that

> Holding on Barbre because why not, Brooks returns, flag six, all on the line, I think

> Huff on a well executed screen for 14, and good blocking by the WRs to set that up

> Another blown snap, gives to Sproles, and I have no idea what the hell is going on with Kelce

> 3rd and goal and just don't turn it over is a great slant and muscle job by DG-B, and that's his first score for the laundry

> Sturgis with the PAT,and it's Green 18, Purple 3, 20:45 left

> With the held ball due to wind, Sturgis gets the touchback, which helps

> Drop by Thielen and a near pick, then Rudolph for 9 as the pressure doesn't quite get there

> 3rd and a long one is a give to Asiata, who gets it too easily

> Hicks nearly makes the play of the year with a close on Bradford, batting the ball, then nearly picking it off

> Purple timeout, and hoo boy, this offense isn't pleasing its fans

> McKinnon eaten by DT Fletcher Cox for a loss, then 3rd and 14 is a give up run to Asiata that gets the first down, and FFS, defense

> Purple with life at the Green 39; McKinnon for 3, then 5

> 3rd and 2 and keep it to a long figgie is an outlet to Asiata for just enough, as Bradford does his receiver no favors

> Bradford to Diggs for another first as Mills is beaten on a drag route, who is hurt on the play as well

> In the red zone and threatening to get exactly what they need to get back in the game, it's wildcat to McKinnon for 6 yards with the offensive face mask not called, because my laundry gets no calls now; end of the 3rd, it's 18-3 Green

> Defense does great work with stops down deep, with Asiata not getting it down with weak play calling

> Mathews for not much twice and a flag to boot, with Matt Tobin in for Jason Peters and God help us all

> 3rd and 9 and don't turn it over is a give up run for Smallwood for 4, and it's 12 minutes of clock for this defense to somehow burn

> PR Marques Sherrells with the unforced fumble error, Green gets it back, and STs have been huge today

> Sproles for 17, then a yard, as Pederson grabs his binkie late

> Wentz to Matthews for 6, setting up 3rd and 4 with a longish but very important figgie

> Sproles on the sprint screen and just gets it, because he's just that damned good

> Huff off the scary backwards pass for 11, and he's run well today

> Clock burning nicely, as Wentz is doing smart things there at least; he goes for a yard on read option

> Wentz misses Agholor, near pick, and we're just trying to get through this game with him, honestly

> 3rd and 9 is a carry by Sproles, and he gets 8 of 9

> Pederson plays it super safe and takes the Sturgis figgie; Green 21, Purple 3 with 6:08 left

> Asiata for 8 as Bradford cracks triple figures (woo!), but the flag wipes it off

> Bradford to Rudolph for 10 as the Not Hurrying offense doesn't do much

> Bradford to Asiata for 7, then incomplete as Hicks does great work

> Less then five minutes left as Asiata drops a cross, and yeah, Not Missing The Sam Bradford Experience

> 4th and 3 and put it away is a batted ball by Watkins, and that should be that

> Mathews fumbles it, and, um, that's twice in three weeks that's he's put it on the ground in the final minutes

> Bradford back on to do what he does best -- short middle of the field throws that the defense will give up gladly

> Patterson for 8, Johnson for 5, strip sack and fumble by Graham for a QB recovery

> Patterson for 11, batted ball in the pocket for an incomplete, Asaiata for 3, then Thielen for 25

> Garbage time gets Sam to 191 at the 2 minute mark, none of it meaningful

> Unsportsmanlike on Purple as Bradford moves around in the pocket with his usual molasses level speed, then 2 yards and the clock moves to Asiata

> Asiata with the checkdown (shock!) for 10, clock moves, Sam's been hit 19 times today, which is Our Idea Of Fun

> 3rd and goal from the 23, chekckdown for 8

> Bradford to Patterson for the ultimate in garbage time touchdown, with a flag on McLeod for a head shot

> That score will matter to the worst fantasy football players in America

> Onside kick is out of bounds, and that is that

> The 1973 Dolphins can go screw themselves, because reasons, and my laundry is 4-2 and Not Dead in the somehow toughest division in football

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