Sunday, October 30, 2016

NFL Week 8 Top 10 Ad Questions

Where Colon Meets Blow
10) Does Duracell make a lot of money from sick children?

9) If I buy a Honda, will I be cuckolded by my precocious offspring in the negotiating process?

8) Do women really need breast cancer pep talks from a truck manufacturer that spends most of their time rattling off Big Words of Manliness?

7) Can Drew Brees stop rattling off his statistics for a long enough period of time to get his facial scar fixed?

6) If Direct TV is upcharging with football player tackles, can't you make a lot of money from them in a lawsuit?

5) Is all use of emergency braking for people who should never be let behind the wheel?

4) Does owning a Hyundai make you care so little about life that you throw away an ungodly amount of money from boat abandonment just to watch a football game?

3) If you own a Dodge, are you not smart enough to get in out of the rain?

2) Can I fly Southwest while opting out of REO Speedwagon?

1) Is anyone else noticing the symbolism of the spastic colon blow like squiggles at the end of the McGriddle ad?

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