Sunday, October 2, 2016

Top 10 NFL Week 4 Ad Questions

The Call Is Hawt
10) Does owning an Audi make its drivers hallucinate when they listen to ancient punk rock?

9) Who else associates Febreeze with slobs who are trying to cover up their horrible hygiene with a hideous chemical reek and nearly no effort?

8) Why would people in diners want Peyton Manning to sing a commercial jingle, and how does this sell insurance?

7) How are we supposed to respect a new luxury car brand that won't spring for color film?

6) Is Peyton Manning's depression about making cupcakes for Papa John cronies as palpable as it appears?

5) Do I have to be trans to get transfarency from Southwest?

4) How many of the Samsung Galaxy products burst into flames?

3) Is there something about using Autotrader that causes a man's daughters to look for affirmation through kicking?

2) If I get the Jet Blue card, will I be doomed to a life of isolation and an utter lack of boundaries?

1) Isn't it obvious that a medication isn't for everyone, in that no medication is?

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