Sunday, November 13, 2016

Eagles - Falcons Diary / Takeaways

Nelson Agholor's Hands
> A giant flag for Veterans Day makes us all proud to be from a country where our parents f*****

> Pam Oliver still has a job despite being older and not white, so I guess America isn't as Great as it will be later

> Win the toss and defer, because that's what you should do; KR Eric Weems make the return mistake and starts his team at their own 18

> RB Devonta Freeman for 4 in a little bit disturbingly large hole, then long clock and QB Matt Ryan to WR Julio Jones for the slant and physical win over CB Jaylen Mills for the first

> Screen to Freeman for 9 as Fox praises Jones for being humble; humble is a very important value now in AmeriKKKA

> Freeman stopped by DE Brandon Graham for a loss on good penetration, then a false start to make the third down harder

> 3rd and 7 and any stop against this offense is a big deal is incomplete to Jones; CB Nolan Carroll was good on man to man, but the QB missed

> P Matt Bosher gets 50 net yards thanks to rolling; he might give PR Darren Sproles a chance later with that kind of effort

> RB Ryan Mathews for a muddling two as HC Doug Pederson tries to reactivate him, then 4 on a little bit of a fight

> 3rd and 4 and don't blow it early is a dangerous out to WR Jordan Matthews, and it gets there as Fox cites the offense's 30th ranked third down conversion rate; excellent throw

> False start on TE Zach Ertz, who must have been excited because he wasn't in the red zone, and might be actually used; then he gets the next throw for 14 on a nice corner route

> 2nd and 1 is where you could try your deep ball, but it's a give to RB Wendell Smallwood from the shotgun; easy conversion

> From the Green 49, nice play action to Matthews on a slant for 16

> Empty backfield, clean pocket, Sproles for 7, easy

> Mathews on a stretch for the first, and the offensive line is doing the job

> From the Red 23, from the pistol, Mathews for 5 more on good holes; almost had more

> Mathews moves the sticks again on interior line play; C Jason Kelce doing what he does best, which is pull and hit

> From the Red 13, Mathers to the 4 as Pederson wisely keeps it right up the gut

> Tempo burns a Red timeout as Wentz catches them in a sub, and that's just so awesome for a rookie

> 2nd and 2 with tons of options from the 4 should stay on the ground and does; Mathews gets in with absolute ease, and that's just about everything you could ask for out of an opening drive

> Sturgis connects, and it's Green 7, Red 0 after 11 minutes

> Weems gets to the 26 on the short kick, then movement as Red continues to make road mistakes

> Play action, holding not called, screen covered, and a throwaway as LB Nigel Bradham does good work; Red making this all about Jones

> Sprint draw to Freeman for 4, then 3rd and 11 and keep up the avalanche is a throw to WR Mohammad Sanu, who is stopped on a solo do or die tackle to stop the first; great work by Jenkins, good situational pressure by the defense

> Bosher to Sproles for a fair catch at the Green 21, and this team just continues to look different at home

> Rollout and hit to Matthews for 9, who juggles but contains, then a sweet screen to Mathews for 20; just an elegant play design and great blocking

> From the Red 49, Wentz has all day and eventually blows it with a lack of awareness sack for DE Vic Beasley

> 2nd and 15 is a power formation to Smallwood for 7, a bit of an odd call on long yardage, but maybe that's just settling Wentz down after the hit

> 3rd and 8 happens after the first quarter gun, so maybe that was also designed to keep the defense off the field longer

> From the gun, good pocket, open WR, perfect ball, 20 yards and just nice

> Smallwood for a yard as Red commits good violence, then gets another yard on diligence from the pistol

> 3rd and 8 from the Red 25 is No Turnover Land, and he settles for Ertz getting a yard loss on pressure; the kid's good, but needs to be better on those obvious blitz downs

> Sturgis misses, and so much for keeping the momentum

> Freeman for 11 as the run defense does not inspire, then Ryan to Jones off his back foot on pressure, and damn, that was impressive

> DE Connor Barwin ends Freeman for a 2 yard loss, then Ryan hits WR Aldrick Robinson, who is stopped hard

> 3rd and 10 and keep it at a figgie is Ryan from the gun taking Sanu in front of the sticks again, and Jenkins does the job

> Red K Matt Bryant connects, and it's Green 7, Red 3

> KR Kenyan Barner takes a short kick, gets a hole, but can't make Bosher miss; Green starts at their own 34

> Wentz rolls out to avoid a blitz and can't get Ertz on a deep route; line not adjusting to pressure

> Mathews for 2, then on 3rd and 8 and the offense is looking like it's leaking oil is a false start on Peters to make it harder

> 3rd and 13 is max zone, long clock, and a checkdown to Mathews that doesn't move the sticks

> P Donnie Jones with a shank; Weems grabs on the bounce and that's only 34 yards of net from what might have been a deep pin job

> Ryan rolls to Freeman, 16 yards from mobile QB play and a good pocket, then DE Vinny Curry gets a quasi stop for a 1 yard gain

> Jones stopped by LB Mychal Kendricks on first contact, and that was a worrisome 5 yards

> 3rd and 4 and get off the field again is a blitz that doesn't get there, and a completion to Jones for 20 despite great coverage by Carroll; cripes

> From the Green 34, toss to Freeman, big hole, rushing defense just not getting it done

> From the Green 17, Carroll on a run blitz for a loss of 2 for Freeman, then Barwin gets through for a 6 yard sack as Graham's initial hurry gets the QB in his range

> 3rd and 18 from the 25 is Ryan trying TE Austin Hooper on a checkdown; the rookie nearly ping pongs it into an INT, but it hits the turf

> Bryant from 43 is good because no one ever misses figgies against my laundry, and it's Green 7, Red 6

> Matthews for 21 after the bad idea Smallwood return as Pederson remembers interior power was working before

> Smallwood for 3, and that's the 2 minute warning in a lightning fast first quarter

> False start on Ertz again, then a bullet to Matthews for 20 again; another great throw by the QB

> DPI not called on a slant to Matthews, then a sack, strip, and Red fumble as Beasley gets through; RT Hala Vaitai didn't do the job, and Wentz didn't recover his own fumble; yeesh

> With 1:27 and 2 TOs, just a game changing mistake

> Ryan sacked by Graham, DT Fletcher Cox forced it

> Jones for a checkdown, Carroll down afterward is really not good news

> Ryan to Jones again, Jenkins stops in front of the sticks for a 4th and 3; the WR is a touch hobbled

> Bryant on to try from 53, and the long figgie just misses with a slight draw; that's a break

> With 25 seconds and a timeout, a chance at recovery points, but on a screen to Sproles, immediate contact, strip and fumble and FFS, too many mistakes

> Replay looks like the RB never had it fully; Fox says bang bang a few dozen times, and the call should be overturned; it is (phew)

> After the fear, Pederson stays aggro; Wentz hits Matthews on the hands on an open ball, and that's another ridiculous unforced mistake by Green; would have set up the figgie with a catch

> Clock issues, then 3rd and 10 is a screen to Sproles for 9; Green calls timeout and thinks about things

> Running around and throwing it deep is a possibility, as is a short out to move the sticks and try another figgie

> Red thinks it's Hail Maryish time, and Wentz inexplicably throws it into the ground, which gives Red another free play

> The number of mistakes in the past few plays is just off the charts, honestly

> Graham gets pressure, so Ryan throws it away, and that is the half; Green 7, Red 6, and Green gets the ball to start the second half

> Short kick forces Smallwood into a return to the 19

> Mathews for 4, then 1; tentative and not a lot done by the line there

> 3rd and 5 and a very telling down from the gun is a smart outlet to Sproles to move the sticks

> From the Green 36, empty set, Sproles stutters for 12 and dude is just so good at that; he then gets it internally for 11 more

> Three touches, three first downs for the best super-small RB in NFL history

> Smallwood to the left for 19 as Peters and Kelce are aces

> False start on G Isaac Seumolo, then a drop by Smallwood on a not much flat throw

> 2nd and 15 is Smallwood to the left again for 12 easy yards, setting up 3rd and 3 from the Red 20

> Wentz to Ertz moves the chains on a quick hitter for 8, and that was well done

> From the Red 12, Mathews to the 5, but Kelce is called for obvious holding

> From the Red 21, Wentz doesn't give up on the play, but Terrible WR Nelson Agholor bobbles it enough to warrant a challenge; had the WR been worth a damn, this isn't a thing; play is overturned for four whole yards

> From the Red 17, empty set, Wentz to Sproles for six mostly harmless yards

> From the Red 11, 3rd and 9 is Wentz from empty set, tries Agholor as if that if ever works, safe fail throw

> Sturgis from 29 is not great but good; Green 10, Red 6 in the third after a long drive

> Touchback as Fox thanks our veterans; we'll have more to thank soon enough

> Ryan to Jones, perfect ball for 27 yards; Freeman picks up the blitzer and Mills is off by a yard, with Carroll concussed (yikes)

> Freeman for 6, then play action trying for WR Taylor Gabriel, broken up CB Leodis McKelvin

> 3rd and 4 draw gets the first for Freeman, and that was a big damned play, as it's likely worth at least 3 points

> RB Terron Ward on and loses to Curry, then incomplete

> 3rd and 11 in long figgie range is another big damned deal, and it's long clock, then a checkdown to Jones that doesn't move the sticks, but does get the figgie team on

> Bryant makes from 46, and it's Green 10, Red 9

> Barner to the 34 off another short kick, then Smallwood for 5 on more wining interior runs

> Nicely designed screen to TE Brent Celek, who doesn't really warrant throws anymore; he's stripped and gets the room service hop for the first down

> Mathews for 20, again to the left, as the 6-OL set is working

> Bad bubble screen to Matthew loses two, then Wentz keeps it smartly and gets the first with his legs

> Mathews all day up the gut, this time for 14, and can't we just keep doing that

> We just keep doing that on quick tempo, and the RB gets it to the 3 on a crawl

> Mathews stopped just shy, and that's the end of the third quarter; suspect he might have gotten it, and we'll have a ton of time to look at the replays with the quarter change

> Third and goal from near nothing is a terrible left right call, instead of just up the gut; it loses and Pederson blows another call that matters

> Honestly, I'd call Pederson's play calling Reid-esque, but that demeans Andy Reid

> Fourth and goal from the 2 has Pederson going for the figgie again; delay flag, then connecting from 26

> Green 13, Red 9, and this is pretty much the textbook way to let a road team steal a game they shouldn't win

> Freeman loses a yard on massive pressure despite making a man miss, then Ryan hits Gabriel for a touchdown because of course; 76 yard score as the pressure doesn't get there, and McKelvin blows it huge on a pump fake that didn't exist

> Red misses the PAT, and it's 15-13 with 13:15 left, which could be a big deal

> First Red lead, and honestly, this game feels like it should be a 10-point Green lead, but for a couple of yet again mistakes

> Barner with a big return for 51, and the STs nearly got the score back right there, but for Bosher, who looks hurt

> From the Red 45, Wentz to Ertz for 8, that's been there all day

> Mathews for a first on a little surge, rather than an actual hole

> From the Red 34, Wentz to Agholor for 3 yards, and I'd like Josh Huff back instead of him, because he's that terrible

> Wentz to Sproles, second obvious DPI on LB Deon Jones not called, because why should the home team get calls

> 3rd and 7 for a delay of game as Eagle Fan loses his mind, for cause

> 3rd and 12 is a 55-yard FG, so Wentz hits Matthews, who is smashed in the head for no flag, because why should the home team get calls

> Obvious call, obvious fine tomorrow, and yeah, that's back to back brutal non-calls

> Sturgis tries from 55 as Pederson compounds the bad decision, and the kick is just short

> On the off chance that you are still wondering why the ratings for this league keep going down, I have words to speak about officiating

> Pressure for an incomplete, then a deep ball to Jones is overthrown

> 3rd and 10 and get the ball back with some semblance of anger is a blitz, a weak throwaway, and Red is 3 and out

> Bryant in to punt because Bosher is hurt; he gets 30 yards with no return, which is probably all they could hope for

> From the Green 24, Wentz to Ertz for 18, then Sproles for 5

> Ertz again to move the sticks, and things look aggro right now

> All throws, DPI not called on a high throw to Matthews; there will be no make-up calls for Green today

> Sproles for 8 to the left as Kelce gets loose again

> 3rd and 2 snap doesn't count on a false start by Ertz; his third of the day, and yeah, FFS

> 3rd and 7 from the Red 42 is a false start that Beasley makes, and it's so obvious even this crew calls it, to the super-sarcastic cheers of the crowd

> 3rd and 2 from the Red 37 is do or die, and Wentz from the empty set gets it to Sproles to move the chains

> Wentz to Sproles for 7 on good patience, then a deep ball to Matthews, who actually gets a goddamned flag

> I can't say it was a great call, but once every 15 times DPI is committed, it gets called

> From the Red 5, Matthews with the internal hand off, gets in easily, and Kelce does good work again

> Going for 2 while up 4 is what the book says, I guess, and Wentz draws a flag on play action

> Re-try from the one is a give to Mathews, who gets threw one tackle and converts

> Green 21, Red 15, 6:49 left

> Obvious holding on the kickoff return sets up Red at their own 12

> Ryan to Jones for 8, then play action to Jones for DPI on Mills; correct call in a game of incorrect doesn't help

> Ryan called for grounding after the usual 5-second delay and argument

> 2nd and 20 is Ryan to Hooper for 8, setting up a huge 3rd and 12

> Getting off the field now would be massive, and from the gun, Jones is wide open and drops what would have been an easy first

> If Jones wasn't great, you might call footsteps on that one, but nope

> Bryant on again as sub punter, and he gets off another short one for a fair catch of all net

> 5:25 left, on the offense to win it

> Smallwood left for 6 as the line keeps doing the work, and everyone in the stadium says Don't Fumble

> Smallwood again for 2, setting up another huge down

> 3rd and 2 from the gun, empty, and Worst Player In Eagle History Agholor drops the slant that should convert the first down

> Why this guy is on the roster, let alone the field, let alone getting it on the have to have play, is utter batspit

> LB Najeh Goode with a pointless late hit for 15 gift yards, and yeah, my laundry is dumb as hell

> From the Red 35 with 4:07 left, the league's best offense has all they need for the winning touchdown drive

> Freeman for 6 as Red HC Dan Quinn makes sure to bleed the clock and not score too soon

> Tipped ball on pressure, McKelvin can't catch it on multiple chances

> 3rd and 4 and possible killshot again is Ryan to Freeman, wide open down the sideline, but the most obvious OPI ever is actually called

> 3rd and 14 from the Red 31 is another killshot chance, and Ryan from the gun has Freeman for a bubble screen for 9; 4 down territory

> 4th and 5 for the game from the Red 40 is Ryan to Jones, incomplete into triple coverage, and honestly, Green got lucky that the best WR in the NFL didn't make plays late

> With 2:19 left, power set, Smallwood gets four and sits down in bounds to make sure it's a Red timeout

> At the Red 35, yards matter a ton for the possible ending figgie, and Smallwood gets 2 and the second Red timeout

> 3rd and 4 is a sloppy give to Smallwood, who desperately runs through traffic and his QB to get it closer, but no first down

> At 2:01, Red's final timeout; 48 yard figgie try for Sturgis... and Pederson is going for it

> Green timeout to think about how Pederson is going to blow this one

> Sturgis goes back out with no confidence, and hits from 48 anyway

> Green 24, Red 15, two minutes left and yeah, kind of meaningful kick there

> Touchback and knee, and now it's time to see if Green will allow further drama

> Ryan to Jones for 16, then a Hooper drop

> Ryan tries Jones again, McKelvin jumps the route, and that's your ballgame

> Green TOP: nearly 40 minutes, and honestly, could have won by more

> Laundry does to 5-4, still last in the NFC East, but not totally dead in the playoff race, especially if they can play all of their remaining games at home while putting Agholor down

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