Sunday, November 6, 2016

Eagles - Giants Takeaways / Diary

Life With Doug Pederson
> Giants RB Rashad Jennings with six yards on quick tempo, then QB Eli Manning is incomplete to WR Sterling Shepard as Joe Buck hyperventilates over Eli's pre-snap nonsense word choice

> 3rd and 4 and get off the field is a bad touch ball to Shepard, with S Malcolm Jenkins doing enough on coverage

> P Brad Wing is out of bounds, rather than try PR Darren Sproles, and Green has good field position to start

> QB Carson Wentz from the gun to TE Zach Ertz, who gets 7 yards and a monologue from Fox

> Wentz sails one on a rollout, and S Landon Collins is there for the back-breaking early pick; he overthrew WR Nelson Agholor, who is always involved with disasters

> Blue from the Green 31 for the early lead starts with power play action, pressure, then a dump to Jennings for 5

> Long clock, then a slant to WR Odell Beckham as Joe Buck orgasms; easy score as the DB was too far off and yeah, that sucked hard

> S Rodney McLeod's tendency to play so far back as to be impossible bit Green badly there, and CB Leodis McKelvin didn't exactly jam him, either

> Blue 7, Green 0, and Wentz's early season ability to avoid turnovers is starting to look like a statistical fluke

> Touchback, then Wentz for 3 on read action, then a toss to RB Ryan Mathews for 2, as HC Doug Pederson goes too conservative after too aggro

> 3rd and 5 and quiet the crowd please is long clock, pressure, high throw and pick, and, um, Minnesota all over again

> Wentz was trying for WR Dorial Green-Beckham, who wasn't open and was held, and yeah, suck all over

> RB Paul Perkins for 2, then loses 2 on LB Nigel Bradham read the screen

> 3rd and 11 and keep it a game is Manning to WR Roger Lewis Jr. in the end zone, open enough to call a fair catch, and I'm wondering if maybe my leaves need raking

> DBs ran into each other, just like on the kill shot play last week against Dallas, and that's three TDs in the last four drives against what was supposed to be a near-elite defense

> Well, on the plus side, there's lots of time to engineer a comeback

> Wentz to TE Trey Burton on play action for a big chunk that could have been a lot more, but the TE can't stay in bounds

> Wentz to Burton for 12, and that's 44 yards quickly as the offense goes tempo

> Wentz to WR Bryce Treggs for 10 as the QB moves left off pressure and guns it; nice throw and catch

> Sproles for a couple as the offense enters the red zone, then gets it on a toss for 4; Collins keeps him from moving the sticks

> 3rd and 3 and it's a delay to Sproles, who gets 2+ and a great spot as Fox pules about it; it's a first down and a decent break

> HC Ben McAdoo doesn't challenge, and Wentz tries DG-B in the end zone; not close

> Read action fails as DE Jason Pierre-Paul plants Wentz for a loss of 5; even if he had shaken the DE, that play was going nowhere

> 3rd and 15 from the gun and don't turn it over is pressure, scramble, and no WR can shake loose in eight seconds of trying, yeesh

> K Caleb Sturgis makes from 34, and the K takes an obvious and injury-inducing hit from Collins for no flag because why the hell not; that would have been a first down in the red zone, which is to say, Missed Points That Might Have Been Freaking Handy Later

> Jennings for 6 on poor tackling, then Manning to TE Will Tye for 13 as the defense whiffs a lot

> No sign of good defense for some time now, and it continues with Jennings getting 3 in a no contact scrum

> Screen to Jennings is stopped by MLB Jordan Hicks for 3; could have been a lot worse

> 3rd and 4 and stop being a sieve is pressure and a sack by DT Destiny Vaijo for a loss of 9; DE Brandon Graham deserves credit for the initial disruption

> Wing with 38 yards of ugly, but no return, and Green will start at their 20

> RB Wendell Smallwood for 19 on a big hole up the middle, with good violence at the close from the rookie

> Wentz to Ertz for 30 off play action, as Pederson remembers that his TEs are a lot better than his WRs; would have been nice to remember months ago

> Sproles for 4 as Wentz looks super read actiony

> Wentz tries Matthews in the end zone; it's nearly picked as the QB misses as open of a man as he'll ever get from this WR corps

> 3rd and 5 is too conservative after the near pick, with Sproles getting 3

> 4th and 2 decision ends the quarter, then they still go for it; Wentz from the gun is read action into absolute no chance, and the kid needs to stop being so predictable on important plays to keep it

> De facto three point turnover, the way Sturgis has been swinging the leg, and yeah, Missed Points That Might Have Been Handy Later

> Loss of 4 for Perkins with G Jason Pugh getting crushed; DE Vinny Curry with the violence

> Pugh limps off, then Perkins loses 2 more to DT Beau Allen on a draw; line starting to show promise

> 3rd and 16 and get off the field is a bad bubble to Beckham, and Blue is either score or three and out today

> Wing to Sproles is a deep one and not much in the return; Green starts at the 30 with STs not giving their usual level of win

> Wentz to Treggs, who is wide open on play action, and hey presto, 58 yards on a play that nearly scores, but the rookie is tripped at the last second

> Not the best deep ball, but it got there, and the kid has wheels as advertised

> From the Blue 12, Mathews to the 8, then bounces it outside and scores easily as Blue goes to open complaints in mid play

> Collins berates CB Eli Apple with cause, and hey, it's a game as Eagle Fan gets on the mic to chant

> 3 plays, 70 yards, 4 point game

> KR Dwayne Harris makes the return mistake, and the STs stop him at the 14 for a gift 11 yards

> Manning to TE Jerrel Adams for 6 yards, then play action, bounces off Beckham, and McLeod might have a pick; Fox lobbies for reversal because of course, Fox; it's reversed

> 3rd and 4 and get off the field anyway is Manning to Shepard for an easy completion and bonus yards for tackling too hard on S Jaylen Watkins; it's helmet to not helmet, so whatever

> Fox, you will be shocked, agreed with the call

> Blue false start, then a perfect deep ball to WR Victor Cruz as McKelvin never turns to see the ball, and Cruz hand fights for space

> Manning tries Beckham, blocked, flag because of course DPI on CB Nolan Carroll

> Fox, you will be shocked, agreed with the call

> From the 2, Jennings is stopped at the 1 barely, then Manning hits Beckham because I am facing both in fantasy in another league, so, um, yeah, why the hell not

> McKelvin getting worked up and down the field

> Blue 21, Green 10 after 20.5 minutes, and yeah, defense is all or nothing today, and far too often, nothing

> Touchback, then Wentz failing to throw it away, so that's a 5 yard loss for no reason

> Blue shows blitz, so Wentz audibles to Sproles for a 7 yard run

> 3rd and 8 and keep your suddenly terrible defense off the field while not turning it over is a throw to Ertz, who can't make a man miss, so that's a three and out

> Near punt block, good roll for P Donnie Jones, and that could have been End Of Game with a quickness

> Perkins for 2 on a screen pass, as LB Mychal Kendricks closes well

> False start, then Shepard on a bubble for 4

> Third and get off the field please is no pressure, then Lewis dropping a deep ball on terrible coverage by Watkins; offsides on Graham makes it a free play anyway

> 3rd and 5 is a drop by Lewis with violence at the close by McLeod; amazingly, no bail out flag

> Wing to Sproles, who gets a crease and nearly takes it all the way to the house, but he's out by a hair at the Blue 15

> Wentz tries DG-B, not close, then Mathews gets nothing on no line surge

> 3rd and 10 from the 15 and don't completely blow the ST momentum is a screen to Matthews, who gets 9 on good running; dicey decision time again

> 4th and 1 shows Pederson rolling the dice again from a power set; Sproles doesn't get the spot, and yeah, this RB core is not exactly built for power

> Jennings is ended by DT Fletcher Cox and DT Beau Allen for a loss, then Manning takes Tye for easy yards

> 3rd and 2 is Jennings off tempo, and Allen stops him before the sticks; big damned play, and Watkins got away with a face mask

> Wing to the Green 29 off a non-return

> Empty backfield for Wentz, who gets Matthews for 33 on lots of physicality; that's the 2-minute warning

> Play action, Wentz hits Matthews for 17, then misses him in the end zone on another no chance toss

> Wentz scrambles on pressure, nearly picked on a wobbly throw in the end zone near Matthews

> 3rd and 10 from the 22 is another near pick in the end zone for DG-B, and I have no idea why he went there; luckily CB Janoris Jenkins doesn't break hard to the ball

> Sturgis is blocked by DT Jason Pierre-Paul because what's another disaster among friends, and Blue nearly gives it back on lateral weirdness

> Needless to say, you can't win road games with tons of mistakes, and the laundry is making tons of mistakes

> Manning to Tye for 9, then a hold as Graham and Cox get through

> 2nd and 11 outside of figgie range is a batted ball by DE Connor Barwin, then 3rd and 11 is a checkdown to Adams at the Green 40

> With 23 seconds left and up 11, a curious decision for Blue here; they go for it, and Manning misses Beckham for what should have been a killshot touchdown; CB Jaylen Mills gets really, really lucky

> Now with 19 seconds and 3 timeouts, a chance to get back the figgie they lost; Wentz uses 9 seconds to throw it away, and yeah, these WRS are The Worst

> Ten seconds left, Blue blitz, Collins ends the half with futility, and at least the kid didn't fumble it

> Blue 21, Green 10, and Actual Play is a lot closer than that, but Actual Play doesn't count for a damned thing

> Nine points left on the board with not field goals and blocked field goals

> Smallwood to the 30 on drone cam nausea vision, and Ertz limps off, because why not

> Wentz to Burton for 12, then Matthews for 5 on a nice combo route

> Sproles for a few, but offsides on Apple gets the first as Ertz returns; that guy is helping Green lots

> From the Blue 48, Peters keeps his block on Pierre-Paul long enough to spring Sproles for 17

> Sproles makes a great cut to get 5, rather than lose 5

> Wentz to Agholor, who gets loose on bad CB play by Apple; 23 yard gain

> Barner on good patience and spin, and that's a sub 3-minute touchdown drive, and maybe a new RB1 for power plays

> Sturgis with the PAT, and it's Blue 21, Green 17, and so many figgies not on the board prevents a lead

> Touchback, play action to Jennings for 5 on no pressure

> Jennings for 4 as Cox prevents the first down; Blue's running game is a favor

> 3rd and 1 and get off the field is Jennings for another 5 on draw-ish action

> Manning misses Tye as the DL doesn't get a push; hmm

> Jennings for six yards as Bradham makes a saving tackle

> Third and 4 and Blue finding its legs is a blitz that doesn't get there, and Manning hits Adams for an easy 10 and first down

> Perkins for a yard as Curry makes a play, then Manning hits Beckham on a read cross as Hicks doesn't make the play

> Perkins for 3 as Blue is in figgie range, then long clock to a stupidly open Sheppard for the score; the play stands as Jenkins held, then lost the ball

> I have no idea what happened to this secondary this week, but this is Chip Kelly-esque

> Smallwood to the 24 with odd patience, then a 1 yard who scares screen to Agholor

> Sproles for very little as Blue looks like they have the plays called in advance

> Third and 9 and game pretty much ending is Wentz from the gun, misses Treggs high for no flag, and yeah, that's DPI, but why call it

> Jones to the 30 on a bad punt, Harris to the 40 without much urgency

> In other news, my fantasy teams are tanking, my picks suck, my laundry is losing and I feel stupid for watching

> Manning to Beckham for 10, post-play fight because the play involved Beckham, and that's 15 more gift yards from Bradham, because why not

> Blue Fan gets loud about who sucks, and Graham with a massive run stop for a loss of 5

> Blue tempo, then an incomplete to Adams as McLeod strips, but no possession ruled

> 3rd and 15 with the defense having a pulse ruined by Pederson challenging a catch and possible fumble recovery, and there's no way that's being overturned

> Rookie head coach is not exactly filling me with good thoughts right now; utter waste of a timeout

> 3rd and 15 and don't blow the momentum you had before idiot HC moment is Blue movement as Beckham flinches; oh by the way, challenge flag meant he's back on the field

> 3rd and 20 and Blue should just wants figgie yards is a throw into the end zone, and Beckham doesn't get it; declined and a punt

> Wing to Sproles at the 11, who gets contact despite a fair catch and no flag, because why not

> Still a game, I guess, and Sproles gets 2 as the laundry can probably forget about those plays now

> Wentz to Ertz, wide open for 19 in the middle of the field with good pass protection, and OK

> Wentz misses Sproles, which is probably good, given that the RB would have been murdered; no separation on long protection is not a repeat

> Long clock, then Wentz to Ertz for 8

> 3rd and 2 and keep it a game as the crowd gets loud is Sproles for 9; nice work on the right side to give him room

> Tempo now as Sproles wiggles for 3, then takes the checkdown to the sticks for another first

> Sproles for 2 as he can't get clear of the LB, then Ertz again for 7

> 3rd and 1 in not quite pointless figgie range happens after the quarter change; it's play action to Ertz for 15 on a great play by the QB; big play

> From the 15, Wentz with all day, takes the meh checkdown to Mathews for nothing

> Mathews for a yard and I'm not sure what that play call was for

> 3rd and 9 down 11 on the road is a curious play call, and Wentz from the gun has time, but is high to Ertz to the 10

> 4th and 3 is a figgie from 26, and Sturgis connects; had there been 3 more of these, might be a lot more fun game

> Blue 28, Green 20, 12 minutes left, 12 minutes left

> Perkins for little, then gets a first down on the screen that finally works for 15

> Perkins for 15 as 4 linemen penetrate, but no one tackles; not the right time for Bad Series defense to show up

> Batted ball by Cox, then Beckham for 5 as Carroll wrestles the ball away for a pick, which has a lot more of a chance to stand up than a fumble

> Hell of an effort by the CB, and the call stands; big Blue turnover

> From the Green 40, it's Wentz with time for Treggs, DPI not called, ball not nearly deep enough; the WR had steps

> T Jason Peters takes a knee, and that's not good timing

> RB Wendell Smallwood for six, then 3rd and 4 and all kinds of important is Wentz on the keeper that's not working, as Ertz never blocks anyone

> Jones punts, and that's just a massive opportunity missed; at least the punt is downed at the Blue 4

> To keep it a game, defense needs to stand up; starts with McLeod stopping Tye for a yard

> Jennings for 2 as Blue's troubles in the run game continues

> 3rd and 7 and please get off the field is Manning missing Sheppard off pressure, and that was a missed opportunity for both sides

> Sheppard got away with OPI, Manning didn't run for a first down, and yeesh

> Wing to the Blue 47 on what might have been a tipped ball

> Wentz bounces a screen to Sproles, then Sproles for a yard, and yeesh

> 3rd and 9 with less than 7 minutes left is a big damned deal, and it's a drop by Agholor, not a great ball, but still, Nelson Agholor, everybody

> 4th and 9 and going for it is kind of nuts, but after 50+ minutes of bad decisions, Pederson gets away with one, as Wentz hits Matthews for a massive 25 yard gain

> Better good than smart, I guess

> From the Blue 21, Agholor catches, then fumbles, because he's absolutely the worst; at least he recovers the fumble for no gain

> Matthews internal screen, crushed; 3rd and 9 again

> From the gun, Wentz tries DG-B, doesn't make the play on a high throw that might have been mildly impacted by Pierre-Paul, but dear God, DG-B, make a freaking play

> Sturgis connects from 38, and phew; nearly blocked

> Blue 28, Green 23, less than four minutes left

> Harris makes the return mistake again, and he's stopped at the Blue 11; useful

> Perkins for 9 as the defense fails to contain for crap, Blue draining clock

> Perkins converts, and with less then 3 minutes left and a blown timeout, another first down more or less ends this

> Perkins for nothing as Green calls no time out; 2 minute warning

> 2nd and 10 and game on the line is Perkins for 6, Green timeout and the defense is not stepping up when needed late

> 3rd and 4 from the Blue 29 for everything is a tipped ball, a pick by Hicks, and holy freaking joy, different game right now

> Barwin with the tip, Green ball at the Blue 34, and that was massive

> Wentz to Agholor, who skies for it, and a crowded route works out for a first down

> From the Blue 17, it's a throw away on pressure on not a good concept

> Wentz tries Sproles, no pressure on the defense, incomplete; last two downs didn't look like Green was prepared for a blitz

> 3rd and 10 is a blitz, near pick, and an uncalled hands to the helmet to Wentz, because why not, really

> 4th and 10 for the game is clock weirdness, then a Green timeout; a field goal to pad the lead here would have been fun, given that the team left nine points on the board with bad decisions and execution today

> For the game, it's Wentz from the gun, Sproles in to block, and the QB misses Matthews on an impossible angle, and that's another road loss that you can pretty much put on the rookie head coach

> Green is now 4-4, dead last in the division, no real chance at the playoffs, and about to go into the actually difficult part of the schedule

> Other than that, nothing but fun from this one, and joy at rooting for my laundry

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