Sunday, November 20, 2016

Eagles - Seahawks Diary

What This Game Was Like
> Wet weather adding to CBS's concern for rookie QB Carson Wentz, so expect 3+ hours of Phil Simms discussing wetness now

> Jim Nantz jinxes the kickoff coverage, so K Caleb Sturgis puts it in the end zone for funsies

> RB CJ Prosise for a loss of one on a harmless screen, then QB Russell Wilson misses WR Jermaine Kearse on a slant

> 3rd and 10 and make the decision to defer the kick pay off is Wilson running after heavy pressure, but not getting to the sticks; defense keeps up its string of good early

> PR Darren Sproles fair catches at the 22 after solid work by SEA P Jon Ryan

> Wentz to TE Trey Burton for 14 on a slant; nice hands and a really good throw

> S Kam Chancellor down for a play, and Seattle isn't as deep as they used to be if he can't make it back, though he's running fine

> RB Ryan Mathews for 5 as Chancellor returns after a play off; no concussion protocol

> False start by RT Jason Peters on crowd noise, which isn't going to help

> Play action misses TE Zach Ertz, but Green lobbies for DPI and gets the call

> From the Green 45, Wentz misses Ertz again; all TEs so far on throws, which seems wise

> Wentz dumps on pressure as the o-line looks on their heels

> 3rd and 10 and don't make a mistake when you have the worst 3rd down percentage in the NFL is Wentz with time, then not, then scrambling and bailing, because this group could have 10 seconds and not get open

> P Donnie Jones to the end zone as Blue does nice trickery to make sure the gunners aren't near the ball, and Jones didn't get his job done

> Prosise for 8 as S Rodney McLeod is first to the carrier; not great

> Prosise for 72 as he's never touched, and, yeah, um, so much for the defense traveling

> McLeod with a bad line to prevent the points, but the LBs got entirely sucked up, the CBs looked like Keystone cops, and that's all kinds of terrible and worrisome for the rest of the day

> K Steven Hauscka's PAT is blocked for small consolation; something of a trend today in the NFL

> Mathews for 19 on the pull sweep that C Jason Kelce does well

> RB Kenyan Barner on a slow developing run to the same left side; it gets 11 as the line does the trick again

> From the Blue 46, play action into the end zone, double coverage, short to WR Bryce Treggs and yeah, not much for WRs today

> A yard for Mathews, then 3rd and 9 and stop the avalanche is a timeout on crowd noise, and rookie QB on the road in Seattle is not exactly a prescription for fun

> After the timeout, Wentz has time and then not; sacked by LB Bobby Wagner to end the series

> Peters limps off because this game isn't starting off with enough fun; Jones can't do his job again and Seattle starts at the 20 again

> Wilson to TE Jimmy Graham for 5 off play action and pressure, then a toss to Prosise and a loss of six as the d-line wins across the board

> 3rd and 11 and get off the field please is Wilson missing WR Paul Richardson on a fly route against a blitz; CB Jaylen Mills is physical and doesn't get a DPI flag

> Ryan to the Green 32, no return on 50 yards of net

> Peters out with forearm injury, and this is usually a disaster

> Mathews loses a yard, then Wentz takes Ertz on play action for seven yards

> 3rd and 4 and I'm not sure how you move the ball is long clock, then a slant to WR Dorial Green-Beckham, who takes punishment and holds on for 11, amazingly

> Toss to WR Wendell Smallwood to the left, only gets one, as the line looks predictably degraded with shuffling and Peters out

> Wentz with time, no targets, and Sproles for a checkdown; a flag is picked up

> 3rd and 3 and outside of figgie range is Wentz from the gun and alone, long clock, and a tapped catch and first down for Burton; the play comes back on offsetting flags as it's just a full on mess

> On the re-try, Wentz gives to Smallwood, who gets 4 and runs through contact for the first

> From the Blue 40.5, Sproles to the left for 7, as Green shows they like that side very much

> Mathews for a couple up the middle, but doesn't move the chains

> Measurement for no good reason, then Wentz on illegally great surge for a winning sneak

> Mathews for 1 to the left, then play action to TE Brent Celek, who old mans his way to the 9 on a good touch pass

> End of the first, as HC Doug Pederson continues to do his clock magic; it also "helps" when the defense gives up a huge play to get off the field

> From the Blue 9, Mathews to the 5, and nearly had more

> From the 5 with Mathews looking hobbled, Wentz to Ertz on a cross, and the TE reaches with the ball and scores a touchdown for the first time this year

> Legitimately great play by the TE there, and with the successful PAT by Sturgis, my laundry leads on the road in Seattle, amazingly

> Wentz's first TD pass in three games, and a hell of a drive without your presumed best offensive lineman

> Short high kick, bad idea lateral run, and the gunners bring down KR Tyler Lockett at his own 6; helpful

> Wilson to Kearse on move action for 12, and yeah, the QB is really good

> Motion on Blue, then Wilson tries RB Thomas Rawls on a screen, ended with exceptional violence by CB Nolan Carroll for an incomplete

> 2nd and 15 is another false start into a Green blitz, and Blue's OL is not looking good right now

> Wilson to Kearse for an easy chunk of 17, then on 3rd and 3 and I'm not feeling confident is Wilson to Graham for the easy slant and first down; Wilson looking very comfortable despite blitzes

> Play action and a deep ball to WR Doug Baldwin is missed, but S Malcolm Jenkins gets hit with a hold for another first down

> Rawls for 9 as Blue remembers that running plays were working before, and yeah, getting back RB1 helps them, too

> Despite early pressure by LB Nigel Bradham, another Blue first as Rawls can keep moving forward

> Rawls to the left for tons of room and 18 yards as the Seattle WR corps blocks well

> NFL's 30th ranked rushing offense for Blue is already +30 over their per-game rate, and it hasn't been all the touchdown play; Blue loses a starting tackle in George Fant on the play, which just makes things even

> In long figgie range, Rawls for 3, then 1, as DT Fletcher Cox gets his first mention of the day

> 3rd and 6 from the Green 30 is a textbook pick to free up Lockett, but instead of letting it go for 27, it's a loss of 10

> 3rd and 16 outside of figgie range is a free play due to an offsides by DE Brandon Graham, and a missed deep ball in coverage; smart play by the QB to risk it

> 3rd and 11 is Wilson dealing magic on pressure to Graham, and poor tackling by DB Jaylen Watkins compounds the disaster for a touchdown

> Honestly, just seven points of brilliance by the QB, because an ordinary player gets nothing from that, and the drive ends outside of figgie range

> 92 yard drive by Blue as the defense continues its Jekyll and Hyde routine that they do in losses; Blue gave them so many flags in that drive, it was absurd

> Successful PAT make it Blue 13, Green 7 with 8:20 left in the half

> Touchback, then Smallwood to the left for 2; Peters is back after a winning X-ray, though maybe he shouldn't be

> Wentz to Ertz for 12 and a first on Wagner; impressive from the QB and TE

> Wentz to Matthews for 3 on the ugly cross, and why the WR thinks he can beat this secondary laterally, I'll never know

> Smallwood for a yard as Wagner shows his quality

> 3rd and 6 and quiet the crowd is Wentz to Ertz on a screen for what would have been a 72 yard score, but the whole thing comes back on a killing flag for illegal formation

> That would have been the best play in Ertz's career, with amazing speed for a man that size, and it was all for not a damned thing

> This is where I note that Ertz is on my fantasy team, because of course he is

> 7 point flag for an utterly meaningless infraction

> 3rd and 11 and we're just suicidally depressed is Wentz scrambling off pressure and getting a throwaway, so, um, yay

> Jones to the 23 on the punt, then Wilson to Baldwin for 44, because Seattle knows how to get kill shots

> Wilson to Lockett for 31 on not enough pressure, and Green doesn't get the major break of a touchback on a last-second fumble

> No gain for Rawls, then Wilson throws it away on pressure

> 3rd and goal from the 3 is Wilson from an empty set, misses Kearse on the slant that Seattle Fan probably will never like again, as Carroll rallies

> Hauschka makes from 21, and it's Blue 16, Green 7 with 3:47 left, and Still A Game

> Replays show that Disaster Nelson Agholor was the guy who ruined the Ertz score, and then he compounds the error by dropping a perfect pass as he's open for once

> Sproles for 8 on the off run, then a batted ball to end the series, as Chancellor's blitz is perfect

> Jones nearly hit and doesn't get off a good kick, and Blue's got it back with 2:47 left in the half and the chance for ample kill shottery

> Holding because the Blue offense isn't very good (even with Fant's return), then more movement; good thing these guys are at home

> Prosise for 2 as Blue gets conservative before the 2 minute warning; might come back to bite them, since Green has two timeouts left and a tolerable kicker

> 2nd and 23 is a dump to Prosise for a quick stop and a Green timeout

> 3rd and 19 and give your offense a chance is a checkdown to TE Luke Wilson, with Jenkins stopping him before the sticks; final Green timeout with 1:45 left

> Ryan to Sproles, and the PR gets it back to the Green 37; not bad, but he looks dinged afterwards

> Barner gets 5 on an odd call, quick clock, then a terrible idea throw to Ertz for 2 and in bounds

> 3rd and 2 with less than a minute left is Wentz from the gun, to Ertz, moves the sticks

> From the 50 with less than 30 seconds left, picked by Chancellor; Wentz just telegraphed the throw and never saw the DB

> From the Blue 40 with 16 seconds and 3 timeouts, options for the home team

> Wilson to Prosise is incomplete on pressure from both directions

> Wilson misses Richardson on the sideline; the WR was open, but the throw wasn't good

> With 4 seconds left, Wilson to Rawls for 20 meaningless yards, and that's the half

> Smallwood ruined as CBS tells us two Green RBs are out, then Wentz tries a hyper-dangerous out that CB Richard Sherman nearly houses

> 3rd and 11 and danger all over is movement from the line on crowd noise, because why make this easy; Peters' 7th, which leads the NFL

> 3rd and 16 and just don't get picked is Barner dropping a checkdown that would have only changed about five yards of field position, and yeah, so much for the offense turning in a plus effort in a tough spot

> Jones for 60, Lockett for a yard, excellent ST work

> On the defense to keep it a game, and Rawls for 5 through CB Leodis McKelvin isn't encouraging

> McKelvin separates Baldwin from a 20+ yarder; excellent play by the CB

> 3rd and 5 and have to have it is Wilson to Baldwin, shakes off a hit, keeps for 10, moves the sticks, dude is just aces

> Wilson, all day, runs for 3 and looks fine doing it

> RB Troymaine Pope in for a yard of respite for Rawls

> 3rd and 6 from the Blue 40 is another big damned play, and Wilson has time until he doesn't, with a 1-yard trip sack from DE Vinny Curry and Marcus Smith

> With no Sproles on, Barner lets a ball bounce; 59 yards of net to the Eagle 1, and yeah, that's not helpful in the least

> Wentz tries to get Blue to jump, gives to Smallwood, gets four yards of margin

> Play action arm punt, Wentz tries for Treggs in double coverage, and Sherman collects it easily at his own 35; 54 yards of net, at least, and S Earl Thomas looks hamstrung

> Wentz has spent most of this year not looking like a rookie who has never played against elite athletes, but in this game, um, he looks like that

> Wilson tries Kearse deep, just out of bounds, then Rawls loses yards as Cox is hurt, and oh hell; he gets up, thank the Lord

> 3rd and 11 and get off the field is Wilson eluding pressure, Baldwin wide open for 34, and yeah, you've seen that play before; DE Connor Barwin down on this play and then up

> From the Green 26 with the game about the get out of hand, Rawls for 8 with violence at the close, and it seems like the road team is losing its appetite for football

> Rawls for 2 and the first as he does his Marshawn Lynch impersonation, then a gadget play where Baldwin throws to Wilson for the score, because it's time for confetti buckets

> Blue 23, Green 7, 22 minutes left

> Smallwood for 4 as Pederson tries to lose with dignity, then long clock and a checkdown for another 4

> 3rd and 2 and keep your pants on is Wentz in the empty set and a Blue timeout; long clock, drop by Matthews, fire up the bus

> CBS notes that Wilson has as many receiving yards as the Seahawks QB; um, yup, we know, they suck

> Rawls for 3, then Wilson evades pressure and gets 3 more; just so frustrating for a DL to chase

> 3rd and 4 and keep your pants on is Wilson to Rawls, but McKelvin hits him right on the catch, and that's a 3 and out

> Ryan to Barner, hop and ended, with Burton taking a late hit for funsies

> From his own 9, Wentz short hops Burton and looks tentative, then Smallwood gets 17 on the right side of the line again

> Green has ran for more than they've thrown today, which doesn't speak much for the chance of a 16-point comeback on the road

> Smallwood for 4, then Barner for nothing, and the offense isn't even snapping the ball quickly, which should tell you all you need to know about Pederson's thoughts about this game now

> 3rd and 6 barely gets snapped before the clock ends, then pressure, Wentz doesn't just take the sack, and he's very lucky to have the fumble recovered by T Hala Vaitai

> Green now -220 in total yards, and it's about to get worse

> Jones with a weak punt, Lockett gets 18 on the return, not sure why I'm still watching

> Wilson for 7 as Cox can't track him down; all day for this defense

> Wilson to Richardson, and it must be nice to have WRs who hold on after getting hit; Blue first down

> McKelvin off because he's always off; Rawls for a few, than Wilson to Lockett for a first, and he can do anything he wants right now

> McLeod separates Graham from a ball, then Wilson misses Lockett in the end zone as we are deep into Stat Paddery

> 3rd and 10 has Wilson missing Graham with no flags, as Bradham gets fortunate that feet tangling isn't called

> Hauschka from 35 makes it 20 unanswered points

> Matthews for 6 as Green goes a little up tempo and tries to make this look less terrible; Smallwood gets the second first down of the half on a draw for 5

> Wentz tries Ertz deep; he's not open and it's not close

> Smallwood for 3 to the left, then 3rd and 7 is to Matthews on a cross for the first, miracle of miracles

> DG-B drops what should have been 12 yards; throw wasn't perfect, but whatevs

> Batted ball as Blue seems to be able to dial up pressure whenever they like, then takes Ertz for 7 on clear four-down territory

> 4th and 3 and long clock, drop by Ertz in front of the sticks, and if there's a less threatening set of wideouts in NFL history, I haven't seen them

> Rawls for 8 on scattered running, then 4 more; if Prosise gets healthy as well, this team gets very dangerous

> Baldwin through tackles for 12, and at this point, I'm just rooting for him for my fantasy team without shame

> Rawls for 2 and then 3, then Wilson eludes the entire Eagles defensive line for about 7 seconds before throwing it away to avoid the sack

> Hauschka from 44 misses, pissing off America's fantasy football nerds, and anyone who bet the over

> Wentz to Matthews for 26 on a drag route; stat paddery, and Green's longest play today

> Wentz to Smallwood for 5, then a tipped ball because of course

> 3rd and 5 with Seattle Fan still yelling a lot out of reflex is pre-snap confusion, then a good ball to Matthews for the first

> Matthews now has 5 for 59, none of them impactful

> Wentz tries a free play to Ertz, who can't make a one-handed catch; free 5 yards on pre-snap

> From the Blue 19, Wentz misses an open Ertz in the end zone, lucky to not be picked; bad touch

> Smallwood for 4, then quick tempo and another give, which fools Blue not at all; 2 yard loss

> 4th and 3 might be defensible to kick the figgie, but Pederson goes for development instead, Wentz to DG-B for 8 and the first

> From the Blue 9, Smallwood on the underneath throw for 3, and a Blue injury

> From the 5, Wentz to DG-B for a score, and that was weak work by backup DBs for Blue, but at least some fight from Green

> Down 13, going for 2, and gets it to Agholor on an out against Sherman, of all people; Blue 26, Green 15

> Sturgis with the funky onside kick that, like all onside kicks, doesn't work

> Cox nearly takes the exchange, and a 5 yard loss, as back up QB Terrell Boykin doesn't like life as an emergency RB; Green timeout

> Wilson keeps for 4; Green timeout

> 3rd and 11 give to FB/DT Will Tukuafu just to get Blue out of town; 4th and 9

> Ryan punts from the Green 45 on an 11-man rush; it gets away, and stops at the Green 16

> Wentz with time to Ertz, for 3, tackled in bounds, but illegal shift wipes that out

> Wentz to DG-B on pure prevent for 21, then Smallwood for 18 more; Vaitai is hurt, which is just another disaster moment from a game filled with them; he's able to get up and avoid the cart, but that looks terrible

> Wentz to DG-B for 9, then misses him while open, another wild high throw

> 3rd and 1 to Barner on an outlet for the first, but it's OPI on DG-B, and the 2 minute warning

> I have no idea if DG-B actually knows that you can't block like that before the throw, because it was absurdly obvious

> Pressure because Blue wants it, holding on Peters on a throw away, and Blue declines for 4th and 10, rather than 3rd and 20

> From the gun for fun, Wentz is tipped on pressure, and yeah, whenever Blue wanted to get to the QB, they did

> Blue 26, Green 15, not as close as that would seem

> Eagles are now 5-5, as dead as a doornail in the NFC East, and all of this would be fine if they hadn't started 3-0

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