Friday, November 4, 2016

Josh Huffs And Puffs And Blows His Job Up

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Item: The Eagles released WR Josh Huff.

Huff was found with guns and weed and poor car control (yup, DUI) two days ago, apologized a day ago, and was seemingly released without much in the way of warning today. Which is a little curious, given that:

> He had played in every game

> Was leading the NFL in kickoff returns

> Plays for a team that has kept people like LB Nigel Bradham and WR Nelson Agholor after recent mishaps with the law

> Was not the worst WR in the rotation (that's Agholor, last year's waste of a #1 pick who will be out of the league in 18 months), and

> It's not as if the team is drowning in better options, and Huff with the ball in his hands is actually a fairly good thing (he's fast, powerful, and, um, not great at ball security... whoops).

The rest of the WR corps consists of Jordan Matthews (a slot guy with dicey hands who is Peter Principle-ing his way to why he'll never be a #1 guy), Dorial Green-Beckham, (a physical specimen who does not seem to have the brains or experience to do more than run about four different plays while committing penalties), and Agholor, who seems to be Nero Kelly's final turd in the punch bowl. (Oh, and Huff? Also an Oregon Duck, which isn't exactly the university you want to have in your rear view mirror now when you work for GM Howie Roseman.)

Now, there's a possibility that Huff was going to be gone anyway, in that the team seems to like Bryce Treggs, a rookie speedster they picked up after a release from the Niners who has been recovering from injury. QB Carson Wentz has been talking up Treggs, who is said to be a speed threat that might actually get the kid to complete a pass of more than 10 yards every once in a while. There's also preseason darlings Paul Turner and David Watford on the practice squad currently, and while neither looks like a trusted target, Wentz has been spreading throws all over creation.

But third year guys who were drafted in the third round who were significant parts of the attack don't usually just get auto-ejected midway through the season, not when street meat free agents aren't usually able to just step in and contribute. Huff may be a first class knucklehead (the percentage of career touchdowns achieved with idiotic back flip is high), and maybe was just distracting the locker room too much in front of a must-win road game in New York, but ye gads, guys, you had no trusted WRs before you tossed the guy who was keeping others on the bench. Sure you aren't regretting not pulling the trigger on a trade to bring in a veteran WR yet?

Finally, here's a fun fact... when I checked the team page this evening to check spellings on the roster? There's still a story about Huff (well, a link to a podcast) as if he were a player option on the front page. A full 12 hours after the release and beyond.

So how much could this have been in the plans, and how are we supposed to feel good about the decision?

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