Sunday, November 13, 2016

NFL Week 10 Ad Questions

Salad Hate F***
10) Are raccoons who want their friends to taste terrible things making a political statement?

9) Are Nissan truck drivers doing hellish work in an apocalyptic desert landscapes trying too hard to compensate for questions about their masculinity?

8) Why is Domino's trying to sell salads to people that they clearly hate, and how good can a Hate Salad be, anyway?

7) Does McDonald's really think that black people dress up fancy to eat their food, and isn't this all kinds of racist?

6) Are people really going to buy Chevys to avoid being killed in Black Friday surges in discount retail stores?

5) Is anyone else wondering why the guy who is buying an iPhone in the Sprint ad disturbingly happy and looks like he's wearing a lot of eye makeup?

4) Will Smashmouth's notoriously thin-skinned lead singer throws a fit about being dissed by an ancient troubadour, and as always with Geico ads, how does this sell car insurance?

3) On the grand scale of inexplicable acts by women, where does the continued existence of the Hoarder's Bracelet by Pandora rank?

2) Does anyone else notice how little of the things shown in the Macy's ad about happiness can be purchased at Macy's?

1) Will eating KFC make you have ordinary discussions while screaming, due to some previously undisclosed side effect?

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