Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ten Brief and Obvious Points About The Cubs Winning The World Series

Even The Tribe Fan Smiles
10) I can't help but enjoy Draymond Green's trolling "Man, 3-1 sucks" tweet

9) I'm glad for Ben Zobrist, who has been kind of the perfect player for a long time, but I'm bummed that he keeps winning championships for everyone but my A's

8) If you aren't happy for Bob Newhart, Bill Murray, and any number of other Cub fans in your world, you may not have a heart

7) Anthony Rizzo calmly pocketing the most valuable collectible baseball in history shows a certain degree of fantastic savvy

6) I'm not sure how the Red Sox ever let Theo Epstein leave, but Cub Fan is truly grateful

5) When your playing his last game ever defensive backup catcher hits a home run, that's something of a sign that we were going into Movie World, rather than a usual baseball game

4) On some level, not having Aroldis Chapman and his very difficult personal history getting the last out is kind of nice

3) At least Cleveland Fan has recent good memories to help take the sting out of this

2) For everyone who wants to put Epstein into the Hall of Fame right now, well, sure, but given his accomplishments, isn't that not special enough?

1) Given the youth, depth and cash of the Cubs, there's a real chance that many people are going to turn on this team as quickly as they did the Red Sox, so, um, Chicago Fan, do better, please?

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