Sunday, November 27, 2016

Top 10 NFL Week 12 Ad Questions

Frank's Wild Years
10) Is Time Warner Cable renaming itself for just the PR benefit, or are there also legal reasons?

9) How does discussing the history of a sandwich name help to, you know, sell sandwiches?

8) Does Southwest think that covering REO Speedwagon with black actors makes the song any less stunningly white?

7) Is it required to be a singing weirdo with authority issues to buy a Toyota?

6) Does giving Jared hoarder charms get anyone laid by someone that would be any fun to sleep with?

5) How much do you have to tip your Polaris flight attendant to not put your privileged finger in warm water on the overnight flight?

4) If Santa has become such a lard butt that he can't even get in his sleigh, is FedEx helping him to anything but an early grave?

3) Can Hum by Verizon also come with video recording, so you can bring charges against your out of control spawn?

2) Is it now illegal to make a movie that wasn't a video game first?

1) Why is it always up to little girls to make the first move to complete the redemption of monsters?

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