Sunday, December 11, 2016

Eagles - Racial Slurs Diary

For Eagle fans for Xmas
> Decent return on a short kick to the Green 27, then QB Carson Wentz hits TE Zach Ertz to move the sticks on quickness and yeah, That Didn't Suck

> RB Ryan Mathews for 4+ professional yards, and yes, Running Is Important

> RB Wendell Smallwood gets a chance but absolutely no blocking for a loss

> 3rd and 6 is a resistible force v. movable object moment, and Wentz holds just long enough for WR Jordan Matthews to clear on a crowded cross to move the sticks

> Matthews doesn't look healthy, and running the same route as RB Darren Sproles, a yard away, is dicey

> Wentz to Ertz for 9, feel free to do that 15 more times today

> From the Red 37, play action and bootleg to move the sticks, because the QB is mobile

> In long figgie range, Mathews for a tolerable 3, then again for 4

> 3rd and 3 to see if the drive can be for more than figgie is Wenztz under center, ASAP pressure from LB Joe Kerrigan, Wentz nearly improvs it to Ertz for the first, but the throw isn't close enough

> 4th and 3 sees HC Doug Pederson go yet again, this time with Wentz taking timeout after a near blitz look

> After the timeout, Pederson sends out K Caleb Sturgis, who connects from 45, and hey presto, an early lead

> Touch back, then RB Rob Kelley for 6 on a lot of room, as the Green DL continues to disappoint

> From the gun, Kelley draw for a yard; a better back gets a lot more from that

> 3rd and 3 and somehow not make QB Kirk Cousins look awesome is a blitz that doesn't get there, then a drop by WR Jamison Crowder, and CB Leodis McKelvin celebrates for the first time in forever

> Ugly punt return attempt ends with PR / RB Darren Sproles limping off from a friendly fire knee tap; great

> Wentz with time tries WR Nelson Agholor deep; he's not open, but clear DPI is called for a 44 yard penalty

> Wentz to Ertz, who tiptoes the sideline to move the sticks, mostly because the QB got it to him early enough to navigate the turn

> Wentz fights off Kerrigan from ASAP pressure on the bootleg that doesn't work, wrestling the ball to TE Trey Burton for a gain of 3

> From the Red 20, Mathews on short yardage, then on 3rd and 5 and stop squandering long drives is Wentz from the gun, time and ball to Matthews on the slant for the first

> QB looks like the first month guy, not the last two months guy

> From the Red 7, Wentz to Matthews on double coverage, perfect ball but the terrible excuse for a WR1 can't drag both feet

> Smallwood to the 3, then on 3rd and goal, it's gun work and a godawful pick on a force to Ertz

> So much for First Month QB being in the house today; if you send pressure on this kid, he goes for hot receiver ASAP, whether open or not, and just isn't accurate enough to get away with it

> Cousins off half-assed blitz pressure to WR Pierre Garcon, moves the sticks

> Kelley for 3, then Cousins tries WR DeSean Jackson, clearly held by S Malcolm Jenkins, and the refs call DPI for the extra yards

> Cousins to TE Vernon Davis, pointless spread pass for no gain

> Cousins to Garcon, strong throw, clear lane, we make this guy look like a nine-figure QB

> Kelley into a run blitz on first for 2, then Cousins misses an open Davis in the end zone off another rumor blitz

> From the Green 20 on 3rd and 8, Cousins from the gun with pre-snap defensive confusion, but McKelvin reads the slant again and gets the stop

> K Dustin Hopkins has missed a half dozen figgies this year, and makes it seven with a loud post hit; Green still leads

> From the Green 28, Wentz to Agholor, who skies for it and nearly moves the sticks; nice hands, bust

> On 2nd and 1, Smallwood continues to get no blocking, and makes third down harder; end of quarter because Pederson believes in limited play games

> Mathews converts a 3rd and 2 draw, and he's the closest thing this franchise has to an RB1, which is sad

> Play action, just enough time for Wentz to float it to Ertz for 29 yards; low hit that's somehow not 15 more yards

> Sproles for a few, then Wentz to TE Brent Celek to move the sticks again; professional, but points needed

> Wentz tries Burton on a hitch and go, but it's not open, and the ball's not in bounds

> 2nd and 10 from the Red 20, terrible middle screen to Celek for a loss, defense knew every part of that before it happened

> 3rd and 12 from the 22 is a Don't Turn It Over Moment, and Wentz chekcs down to Sproles, who gets 9 out of it

> Pederson again with fourth down frenzy from the Red 13, from the gun, it's movement from T Jason Peters to save the coach from himself

> Green leads the league with 45 pre-snap penalties, speaking of more evidence of bad coaching

> Sturgis makes from 36, and it's Green 6, Red 0

> Short kick and good runback, then a coverage sack from DT Fletcher Cox; it's a whopping 1 yard loss, but whatever

> RB Chris Thompson snakes for 9, then Cousins on third and runs the zone read for a painful conversion

> Cousins to Kelley, makes LB Mychal Kendricks to move the sticks

> Kelley through 2 tackles before LB Jordan Hicks commits effective violence

> Another blitz doesn't get there, and Cousins takes TE Jordan Reed to move the sticks again

> From the Green 36, Kelley gets a few as the defense continues to not overwhelm with tackling prowess

> Cousins to Garcon on the out, long throw for 3 yards; crowd boos Pederson for not challenging, probably should have

> Kelley wiggles through to convert as the crowd boos, then goes the rest of the way (22 yards) as the defense whiffs a lot

> Hopkins makes the PAT, and after 26 minutes of ball control and the offense moving the ball, Green trails,because this defense stopped playing in October

> Mathews for 3, then Wentz to Matthews to move the sticks; lots of time to throw and a good throw

> Meh draw as Pederson keeps feeding the running game, then play action bootleg with Wentz evading the pressure, but these WRs just stare at the QB like a dog being shown a card trick

> 3rd and 8 to Burton for 16, Red's blitz is nearly as bad as Green's, ruled down before the ball is out; 2 minute warning

> Play action, Wentz ducks pressure, then misses a wide open Burton, near the end zone, on poor technique; gah

> Wentz to Matthews, then quick tempo against a bliz to WR Paul Turner, who goes for 16

> Sproles pinballs for 8, and he's so adorable, honestly

> From the Red 12, Wentz to Ertz for a yard; looked like a bad spot to me, and Green calls time with 38 seconds left in the half

> Play action on third and short to Burton, who tip toes the sideline to the Red 4

> With 32 seconds and one timeout, Wentz to Sproles on the back corner break, and that's clearly terrible CB work

> Pederson sends his K out for the PAT, and Sturgis connects; Green 13, Red 7

> Green STs don't tackle, but Red STs don't block clean, so Cousins has a long way to go

> Red has 22 seconds and 3 timeouts; they take a knee and I'm kind of grateful, given how, um, good this defense is

> After halftime, Cousins to Jackson, for little, Kelley for not much

> Cox gets to Cousins legitimately for a 6 yard sack, and that's a three and out

> Sproles for the electrifying punt return touchback, but it comes back on a bullspit clip by Ertz; a damn shame,

> Mathews through a big hole to move the sticks, then loses 3

> Wentz to Ertz to make third down manageable; Red injury after for commerce

> 3rd and 5 is pressure from everywhere, and Wentz finally not able to fight his way out of it

> Jones to Crowder, who gets it back to the 19

> Kelley for a yard, then Cousins to Jackson on the perfect adjustment, with McKelvin falling down, and that's just an 80 yard score with the insulting job into the end zone; Red leads on two plays

> Jackson's 22nd touchdown in his career of over 60 yards, and yeah, I'd hate to root for a team that lets a guy like that just walk away for no return on investment

> Wentz to Ertz for 3, then Sproles ducks his way for 5 on a draw

> 3rd and 2, Wentz to Burton to move the sticks as Fox tells us that long snapper Jon Dorenbos is getting X-rays on his wrist; rut roh

> Mathews for 21 on good running after middling contact, and this is a necessary drive

> From the Red 45, play action to Burton for little, then hits Matthews for an out; short third down again

> On 3rd down, Wentz spins out of pressure, hits Turner, drops, and jebus, this QB gets no help

> 4th and 2 with Dorenbos out, Wentz to Ertz to move the sticks; huge play

> Offensive PI on Matthews on an incomplete; Green back out of field goal range

> Wentz misses Ertz on yet another checkdown, then on 3rd and 20 and make a field goal chance possible, it's a draw to Sproles that makes it possible

> Celek out to do the snapping -- oh Lord -- and from 50, it's a bad snap with Jones tackled, and that's yet another massive play on how to lose a game without really trying

> Kelley runs for no gain with five missed tackles, because Green just can't get him down

> Jackson with an absurd catch that the Eagles challenge, because Pederson needs to emulate Andy Reid down to the terrible challenge degree

> Jackson now over 100 yards on 3 touches

> From the Green 33, Cousins to Kelley on the throwback screen, Cox was held on the play and the LBs do squat

> Kelley moves the sticks again, then finally loses on a tackle by DE Vinny Curry

> False start on Red, then pre-snap confusion before Cousins floats it to Garcon in the end zone for the score; CB Nolan Carroll can't stay with his man

> Hopkins hits the PAT, and Red leads by 8 with 15 minutes left in a game where they've been mostly outplayed

> With Smallwood out, Agholor tries too hard instead of taking a knee, and Green starts at their own 15

> Sproles for 5, and that ends the third quarter

> Mathews struggles for a few, setting up 3rd and dear Lord we might have to long snap it

> Mathews on a draw that doesn't work at all, and that's a three and out at the worst time

> Celek with his first long snap ever does it OK, and Jones hits it Crowder, immediate tackle by CJ Smith.... and Celek's hurt now as well (good Lord)

> Red takes another 15 with a blind side block, which is how Celek's out

> Cousins to Crowder for 4, then picked by McKelvin on an out to Jackson, and that's just a massive swing

> Nice of Cousins to show the form he shows to the rest of the league

> Green goes for 2 to try to tie it, and don't have a long snapper anyway

> Knocked away by CB Josh Norman on the slant to Matthews, and that's just giving the only guy on the defense who is capable of making a play, well, making a play

> Red 21, Green 19 with 13:11 left

> Thompson with another good return to their own 26; Kelley for 5 as the defensive line continues to have issues, but DT Beau Allen stops him on second for no gain

> 3rd and 5 and get off the field is Cousins from the gun avoiding the blitz, and Crowder gets his feet in for 29 yards; Green challenges and, amazingly, the call is overturned

> Sproles is killed by the same guy who hurt Celek, and honestly, if you can't eject a guy for that, why have ejections

> S DeShazier Everett with the borderline homicide hit, to the head, before the ball even gets there; just unconscionable

> Honestly, I have no idea why this is just 15 yards and not an ejection; Eagle Fan is justifably irate, but Sproles somehow gets up, because he's the toughest man on the Earth

> Sproles stomps off for a concussion check

> Mathews for 4; he's the last Green RB and there is nastiness after every whistle, seeing how Red has head hunted any number of players today

> Wentz gains a ton of time on a scramble, but no WR does a damn thing

> 3rd and 7 with serious snapper issues and down 2 is a big play, and Wentz gets it to Ertz to move the sticks

> From the Red 44, Mathews loses 2 as the line gets collapsed

> Wentz holds it too long, ball comes loose on what should be an incomplete pass; Kelce picks it and moves it for less loss

> 3rd and 14 with the line losing integrity, Wentz to Burton for 13 as the refs miss a smack to the QB's head, because Red can just do every damned dirty thing today for minimal penalty

> 4th and a half yard with no long snapper is an auto go, with Kendricks trying snaps on the sideline

> Wentz sneaks it with a late line surge to convert; 7 minutes left

> From the Red 33, pre-snap flag because of course; this one on G Steve Wisniewski

> Long clock, then Wentz misses Burton high on a careless throw

> Wentz to Agholor on a screen, and the tragedy shows a burst to make third down manageable; good blocking

> 3rd and 2, give to Mathews, doesn't get it

> 4th and 1, going again from the 22, long clock and finally a timeout

> With 5 minutes left, my laundry can't try a 40 yard field goal to take the lead because there's no freaking long snapper

> Burton on to do the snap, having won a tryout during the commercial; it's crazy high, but Jones does a great job to get it down, and Sturgis snakes it through to take the lead

> Green 22, Red 21, and it's Smile Time on the Eagle sideline

> Thompson to the 22 as the crowd erupts, and it's on the defense to make a stand

> Cousins tries Garcon, but McKelvin has good pressure, and the WR doesn't bring it down

> Cousins to Crowder, but S Rodney McLeod separates him from the ball, just barely; Red will challenge and win, because the league stays with calls until it doesn't; huge play

> Instead of 3 and out, Red nearly in figgie range; Cousins rolls out and gets shoved by Cox after a 6 yard gain

> Kelley for 2, DT Bennie Logan on the stop, another big third down for Cousins to convert, because he's aces against my laundry

> Pre-snap timeout for Red at the Green 35 with 3:02 left, then a throwaway on a sniffed out screen

> DC goes for it on fourth, and it's one play to make for a possible win; refs give DC a gift timeout rather than the correct 5-yard delay flag

> From the gun and empty, Cousins to Garcon in front of McKelvin, and I wish I could say I was surprised or disappointed

> Now in figgie range with 2:22 left and Green with just one timeout, Kelley gets 4, because the defense hasn't stopped him from yards after contact all day

> 2 minute warning, then a pitch to Thompson, not stopped in the backfield, takes it to the house, and yeah, defense stopped being good a long time ago

> Red goes for 2 because you have to, and the possible overtime creating play is incomplete to Reed

> Lead change #5 today, it's been that kind of game

> Red 27, Green 22, 1:53 left, and at least the defense got off the field with enough time to make it all about the rookie QB without a line or weapons

> Touchback, then Wentz to Matthews for pointless yards in bounds

> Wentz to Matthews again, at least that moved the sticks

> 55 yards away, Wentz to Burton, spins and gets another first

> 39 away, Wentz floats it over Ertz as pressure kicks in; the line hasn't done much in blitz situations

> 2nd down, Wentz to Matthews, first down and out of bounds, 42 seconds left and now 27 yards away

> Wentz misses Agholor, which probably helped, given that it was short and possibly tackled in bounds

> 2nd down, Wentz to Mathews, who drops it; he's on because Sproles is out, of course

> 3rd and 10, 35 seconds left, Red's final timeout to work up a kil shot

> From the gun, Wentz to Ertz, moves the sticks, final Green timeout, and just a big time throw from the QB

> At the Red 14, 26 seconds left, no timeouts left but the whole field to use... Wentz from the gun tries Agholor on a borderline throwaway; the line is worrisome

> 21 seconds left, Wentz doesn't feel the pressure, sack, strip, ball game

> Fourth string RT Matt Tobin, shouldn't be in the league, was absolutely roasted by Kerrigan; great coaching to put that guy on an island with the game on the line

> DC survives, sweeps the season series, and Pederson is now 0-4 in the division, all winnable, all lost on some degree from coaching

> Green's 4th straight loss, and while they were the better team for much of the game today, that doesn't amount to, well, anything

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