Sunday, December 18, 2016

NFL Week 15 Ad Questions

So many bad decisions
10) Can I book a flight with Southwest without a dance number breaking out?

9) Do women who are about to have Viagra sex have to walk slowly?

8) If you define love as McDonald's food, aren't you equating it with, well, slow and painful death via diabetes?

7) Why is Google telling us to beg our dogs to obey?

6) What kind of things are plastic action figures buying at Target, and with what money?

5) How much did Eminem need cash to take the money to attach his work to an animated movie about singing pigs?

4) Why are people happy about ruining their Xmas trees with poor driving habits?

3) Can I use wireless phone charging in a car without looking like the most smug person on the planet?

2) Why are Elfs on a Shelf stalkng Jeep drivers, and isn't this an excellent reason to not drive a Jeep?

1) Did the ref with the broken down car in the Toyota ad buy American?

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