Sunday, December 4, 2016

Top 10 NFL Week 13 Ad Questions

Pig Me
10) If I wear Duluth pants, will I inspire people to throw pigs at me?

9) Given the physical condition of many of their workers, should the Post Office make their seasonal ads about hippos?

8) Is anyone else hearing "Hell" when an airline says "you can go wherever you like"?

7) Seeing how Macy's very business is a strong risk, should they be spending their ad dollars on convincing kids that Santa's real?

6) Honestly, doesn't Samuel L. Jackson have enough money by now, so that he might just say no to terrible credit cards?

5) If trucks starting sounds like Christmas to you, isn't that a sign of psychological problems?

4) Is it a bit of a tell that McDonald's spends most of the time in their ad about an all-day breakfast talking about anything but the food?

3) If I pay more for my home insurance, can I keep Flo from Progressive off my property?

2) Shouldn't a beer that's "brewed for people who go the extra mile" not worry about how many carbs is in it?

1) Will Hyundai strip and re-clothe women in the showroom, and if so, how does that help to increase sales?

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