Sunday, December 11, 2016

Top 10 NFL Week 14 Ad Questions

I'll Buy What He's Shilling
10) Is Wal-Mart really paying people to point customers to shorter lines, because their customers are now just so dead-eyed and beaten down as to not notice a shorter line?

9) What's in KFC to provoke so much ass slapping?

8) Is everyone in America incapable of keeping their fudge while wearing a VR headset?

7) How many people who are clipping balloons with the bald Prudential guy just go straight to booze or opiods afterward?

6) Does the Volkswagen zero campaign also talk about your trust level in regards to emissions?

5) If you are wrapping phones, who wouldn't you keep them in the box that phones, well, come in?

4) Doesn't drinking bad beer from a can that isn't going to the playoffs kind of, you know, even more depressing than just drinking the bad beer?

3) Why is it such a nerd move to learn how noise cancelling headphones work?

2) If you are NFL, can't you find a better spokesman than Dak Prescott's back up?

1) Isn't the idea of buying someone a car for Christmas kind of, you know, capable of making every Xmas gift for the rest of your life seem utterly terrible in comparison?

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