Saturday, December 24, 2016

Top 10 NFL Week 16 Ad Questions

Hey, Baby
10) Is Apple making the point that active seniors are magical?

9) Does Wal-Mart pay so little to its ad workers that they have to beat people for a couple of bucks?

8) Is Pepsi trying to tell us that the only people who drink it are socially awkward male virgins?

7) Would you trust a phone and/or data system that you can only get from Wal-Mart?

6) Does chewing Trident make you oblivious to the outside world?

5) Is Aaron Rodgers on such potent drugs that he doesn't even react when his possessions burn to the ground?

4) Does the Diet Pepper guy have racial issues that he's trying to hide by only ingratiating himself with black dudes?

3) If I buy Hefty trash bags, will I physically abuse strangers?

2) How is the current Ford truck the next level, when the "drop a logo and break stones" approach has been done for, well, ever?

1) Is anyone else creeped out by the borderline incest overtones from the "Time after time" ad for McDonald's?

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