Sunday, December 18, 2016

Eagles - Ravens Diary

Yet Again
> Touch back, run by RB Ryan Mathews for nothing, then RB Kenyan Barner for 2

> I know you don't want QB Carson Wentz to throw it 60+ times, but running it against this team seems unlikely

> 3rd and 8 and instant disaster is a back foot pick when QB Carson Wentz misses TE Zach Ertz; holding on the play as well just to make this offense look even more pathetic

> RB Terrance West for 1, then collects an easy throw for 17 as the LBs don't cover and the pass rush doesn't get there

> From the Green 18, QB Joe Flacco misses WR Steve Smith, with credit going to the new sod

> Run blitz misses, and West goes for 13; he is, of course, on my fantasy bench for no good reason (I thought Kenneth Dixon would hog all the numbers)

> Flacco to WR Kamar Aiken, easy slant, wide open, six points

> S Malcolm Jenkins slipped, but honestly, Aiken would have been open anyway

> K Justin Tucker converts, and we're down a touchdown after 3.5 minutes, and feel free to stick a form in this one, too

> Directional pop up kick gets returned well by disaster Nelson Agholor; Green starts their own 37

> Mostly useless trickey with Wentz throwing to TE Trey Burton for a yard

> Mostly useless screen to WR Jordan Matthews; that gets all of 3 yards as we go to the Offense In A Box offense

> 3rd and 6 from the gun is a screen to Barner with C Jason Kelce somehow avoiding a clip; it gets 15 as Raven Fan howls

> Wentz tries Barner, who nearly richochets it into an INT

> From the Purple 44, Wentz misses Matthews off play action; WR was open, but the pass sailed

> 3rd and 10 and outside of figgie range is Wentz trying too hard to avoid a sack and make a play; he's extremely fortunate to avoid a fumble

> New long snapper does the job, and P Donnie Jones gets it to the 13, where it's fair caught with ugliness

> Coverage sack for DE Brandon Graham and DT Beau Allen

> From the Purple 3, Dixon makes DE Vinny Curry miss in the backfield, but CB Leodis McKelvin stops it for no gain

> 3rd and 17 from the end zone is actually more pressure, and Flacco misses WR Mike Wallace on an out; useful

> P Sam Cook from the back of his end zone to Barner, who gets an opportunity and spins his way for 22; have to think Darren Sproles would have gotten more out of that, but we can't have nice things

> From the Purple 43, Wentz can't find anyone, so he dives forward for 5; there was a man open in the end zone

> Mathews with good power and patience finds a crease, and that's an actual first down

> From the Purple 32, Mathews can't duplicate the trick; no gain

> Matthews on the bubble screen for 4; not much in the way of daylight

> 3rd and pray is Wentz from the gun, barely avoiding the sack, at Barner's feet and whatever

> K Caleb Sturgis connects, and we aren't getting shut out today

> Good coverage, 4 yards for West, than an out to Wallace that's ruled in front of the sticks for a first

> End around for WR Michael Campanaro, who gets 39 on a jet sweep; terrible work by everyone involved in Green

> Flacco tries Smith in the end zone; no chance, with CB Jaylen Mills all over him

> West for 4 on a draw, setting up 3rd and 6 for long figgie

> Flacco misses Smith again as rain begins, and LB Jordan Hicks had the coverage with LB Nigel Bradham as well

> Tucker tries from 53, and he's now 10 for 10 from monster distance; that would have been good from 60

> Strong wind kicks up, stopping Tucker's kick at the 5; Barner gets it back to the Green 32, and it's intense changing now

> With the wind for all of 1:49, Green HC Doug Pederson... runs it up the gut against the #1 run defense in the NFL with a makeshift line, and loses 2

> Wentz can't handle the snap that's dead on the numbers, and falls on it for a loss of one

> 3rd and 13 and get off the field fast enough to punt with the wind is Wentz throwing away on the garbage screens that are covered; Wentz had WR Dorial Green-Beckham open after a fall, but it was probably OPI

> The fact that Wentz doesn't even look downfield is disturbing

> Not a great punt with the wind, but holding on Purple makes it better

> From the Purple 9, Dixon for 3, and that's the end of the first

> Eagles have not scored a first quarter touchdown on the road, and feel free to point that on coaching, honestly

> Flacco tries Wallace, but CB Jaylen Mills reacts well to it and gets a deflection

> 3rd and 7 is a sack, fumble, and recovery, with Curry doing the work, Bradham with the strip, and DT Fletcher Cox getting the ball; major break

> From the Purple 8 with a chance to tie, it's time for a pre-snap flag, but it's called on DE Terrell Suggs instead of RT Jason Peters

> From the 4, Mathews has time and space to get in, and hey presto, the 3-TE set and power RB work actually did the job

> With the wind and some measure of insanity kicking in, Pederson goes for 2

> Mathews soars nicely, and Green has the lead; best he's looked all year, and smart of Pederson to go with multiple wideouts, rather than just pack it in and allow for Purple power to stop the try

> Sturgis with a holder can only get it to the 6, but coverage stops it at the 25

> West for 8, then a screen to FB Kyle Jusczyk for a loss of 2 as Hicks is all over it

> 3rd and 5 and get the ball back with a lead is Flacco avoiding pressure and completing to Aiken for 14

> From the Purple 44, West for 4, then 2 as Graham puts a charge into him

> 3rd and 4 and prevent Tucker from making another 50+ yarder is Flacco to West, easy as hell, for 16 as the LBs just don't cover the swing route

> Dixon loses several, and did I mention that West is on my fantasy bench yet

> Flacco to Dixon shakily, and a drop to boot

> 3rd and 12 is a check down to Jusczyk to just set up the figgie, and he gets 8

> From 47 is downright easy for Tucker, and it's Purple 13, Green 11, and so much for the lead

> Touchback, then long clock before Matthews for 8, and the line is showing some stones

> From the Green 33, Barner moves the sticks; a better back would have had more out of that

> Mathews for another 10, nice crease provided, and power at the close

> From the Green 45, Mathews for 2 from the 3-TE approach, then quick tempo before an incomplete to Barner; Wentz doesn't look comfortable in these conditions

> 3rd and 8 with Don't Turn It Over on our minds is Wentz to Barner on a good screen; he converts, but then goes down with an injury

> From the Purple 43 in the pistol, Mathews for another 5, and he's now got more yards than Wentz does throwing it

> Mathews for 4 to the left, then on 3rd and we need a lot more for figgie range, it's Wentz to Agholor, who drops it; no idea why you'd throw that there

> Pederson goes for it on fourth yet again, and Wentz gets it to TE Zach Ertz on a ballsy throw for 11

> Barner limps off, and RB Byron Marshall goes for 3 up the gut

> From the Purple 20, Marshall trips in the backfield, and there's holding on Kelce to boot

> 2nd and 17 in these conditions is a bear, and for some reason, Purple blitzes; Mathews goes for 13, then puts it on the ground, with Ertz smacking it out of bounds before disaster

> 3rd and 4 is Mathews again, and he moves the sticks with raw power; heck of a drive with one dimensional attack

> From the Purple 11, defense calls time with just 10 on the field, then Marshall loses five, and the drop-off from Mathews to him is palpable

> 2 minute warning, then from the Purple 15, Wentz to Marshall, who spins like a Madden player for a loss of one

> 2nd Purple timeout, then on 3rd and 15 from the 16, Wentz from the gun gets it away before a sack, and the longest drive of the year ends at 16 plays

> Sturgis from 34 into the wind nurses it through, and Green leads again, 14-13

> With 1:39 left, Sturgis to the 2, terrible coverage, fumble at the close, but Purple gets it back

> From the Purple 35 and maybe already in Tucker's range, Flacco to WR Breshad Perriman, who drops it

> Flacco to TE Dennis Pitta for 6, then on tempo, Mills celebrates too early and gets the DPI call; marginal

> From the Purple 45, Flacco tries Smith deep, just off, and the great old WR is down and waving for help

> Flacco to Pitta moves the sticks on awkwardness, then quicks it to an incomplete as his WR falls

> Flacco takes Jusczyk for a first, then clocks it with 16 seconds left; Smith back

> Flacco pumps, then hits Smith in stride for a touchdown, and the fact that the secondary bit on that is downright horrifying

> Simply a game changing breakdown, and one more moment in the memory bank for DC Jim Schwartz just not being up to the task

> Tucker for the PAT, 20-14 Purple at the half, and they get it to start the second as well

> Touchback with the wind, then West for 41 yards on my fantasy bench, because I am an idiot, and this defense stinks

> West for 3, then Dixon loses as DT Bennie Logan does the job

> 3rd and 10 in long figgie range in wind is Flacco taking a sack from Cox, and that might be a 3-point play; nice work by the defense's best player

> Cook punts, and it gets into the end zone with Agholor running around like a danged fool

> From the Green 25, Mathews for a professional 4 on the shotgun give, then under center for play action to TE Brent Celek, who can't break a tackle and is stopped after 5

> 3rd and 1 from the 29 with the win and the clock ticking is Wentz to Mathews, who converts on the swing pass on the super conservative passing game

> From the Green 34, Wentz tries Matthews deep, and S Eric Weddle wrestles it away deep; the INT is wiped off by prior contact, luckily

> From the 39, Marshall goes wide, gets nothing, but benefits from a gift 15 from the same guy (LB Zachary Orr) who got flagged on the previous play; just a really dumb flag there

> From the Purple 46, Marshall loses 3, and this RB is just not an NFL player

> 2nd and 12 is long clock and a slant to Agholor, who makes a man miss for 9 yards in yet another Almost An NFL Player green shoots play

> 3rd and 3 from the Purple 39 with the wind is a big deal, and Wentz misses Matthews too high off a double screen that Purple had diagnosed; Ertz was open, but the QB is too antsy

> 4th and 3 has Pederson go for it, and the ball goes through Burton's hands in traffic; de facto turnover, though it's not as if Jones is going to get it inside the 20 with the wind at his back

> Play action, all day, checkdown to West for 2; Purple loses their C, Jeremy Zuttah, which won't help

> West loses 4 on penetration from Curry, then de facto grounding as Graham reads a screen; excellent series from the defense

> Cook punts to the Green 11, checking up as nicely as he could hope

> Mathews gets nothing as Suggs beats Peters, then Wentz from the empty backfield takes Ertz for 7 mechanical yards

> 3rd and 3 with clock burning and the wind going away is a big deal, and Wentz audibles to a Marshall give; the RB gets 12 with actual competence

> From the Green 31, Marshall gets 10 as the line gives him some rom, and the RB shows life

> From the Green 41, Wentz hits Ertz for his best play of the day, getting 24 off play action

> From the Purple 35, Marshall dances for 4, then Mathews for 3

> From the Purple 28 on 3rd and 3, big play, long clock, and the ugly jet sweep to WR Bryce Treggs works just well enough

> With the clock and wind going away, Mathews from the Purple 24 gets 12, with Kelce going great work

> From the Purple 12, Mathews for 3 on stutter then power, and the offense doesn't snap it before the end of the quarter; odd

> 2nd and 7 with time of possession well in Green's favor, Wentz throws it away rather than risk weirdness on an internal screen to Marhsall

> 3rd and 7 with the dream of another lead change upon us, Wentz tries Burton in the end zone, no good; two receivers in the end zone, both TEs; telling

> Sturgis from 27 connects, and it's Purple 20, Green 17, still a game

> Purple returns to their own 31, then Flacco misses Campanaro on play action against a good blitz

> Dixon for 3, then on 3rd and 7 and give the offense a chance to get right back out there against a tired defense, it's Flacco from the gun to Smith, tipped ball, gets it anyway, because He's Steve Smith, Dammit

> Dixon for 19, but there's a hold; 1st and 8 ensues

> Flacco to West, moves the sticks yet again, has been their best player today

> CB Nolan Carroll hurt, which certainly doesn't make this any easier

> Flacco to TE Darron Waller, who moves the sticks and yeah, this defense is just that bad

> From the Green 36, already in Tucker's range to get back the took forever figgie, Dixon for a few, and Logan gives a gift 15 on a face mask on a Raven OL

> From the Green 16, about to not be a game any more, Dixon on the toss and scores, and yeah, feel free to lose every single one of these defensive players right about now

> Graham loses contain, Mills has no clue, S Rodney McLeod doesn't care enough, and it's Purple 27, Green 17, Just Another Road Loss where the defense doesn't show up

> Touchback, Mathews for 3, with 11 minutes left and down 10, the Eagles don't have enough time to come back

> Slant to WR Dorial Green-Beckham off play action for 11, professional

> Green huddling because why not, then Mathews for 19 as the running game continues to do well

> Clock burning because why not, Wentz to Burton, gets a yard on an ugly bootleg

> No urgency at all from the offense, then Wentz tries Burton deep; TE was in no way open, and I have no idea why that throw is made

> 3rd and 9 in likely 4-down territory is long clock, then Wentz takes Marshall on a check down for 8

> 4th and 1 to keep it still a game is a jet sweep to Agholor, who does what he can, which is, of course, not enough; predictable play-calling for the loss, plus putting it in the hands of random personnel

> Agholor missed the hole, because of course he did

> With 7:43 left we're in killshot territory, and West gets 2, then an incomplete to Smith

> 3rd and 8 and make it still a theoretical chance is Flacco to Wallace, who goes for 54 on a slant across the middle that should generate McKelvin's release; so glad that Schwartz decided to keep a 30+ year old has-been with attitude, rather than Eric Rowe, who's starting for New England without being a tire fire

> Flacco with an inexcusable INT as Hicks saves some measure of drama; the QB makes the tackle and seems to regret it

> From the Green 40 with 6:12 left, Mathews for 11; he now has 110

> Delay to Mathews gets 19 more and limps off; too bad this isn't very quick on the clock

> Wentz with long clock for a crap bubble to Matthews for a yard; at least he's out of bounds

> From the Purple 30, Wentz to Matthews for 7, and on 3rd and 3, it's Wentz to Ertz to move the sticks

> From the Purple 19, Marshall for a couple because why go fast, then Wentz to Ertz to move the sticks again

> From the Purple 7, Wentz tries Ertz, who is down with no flag; sod got him

> 2nd down, Marshall loses 4 as Suggs eats him; bad call, worse execution, clock burning

> 3rd and goal from the 11 is can't turn it over, Wentz tries DG-B in the end zone, but he doesn't get the ball or flag

> Sturgis from 29 is good, still a game with 2:31 left and 3 Green timeouts, but this defense just sucks eggs

> Stugis kicks it deep, and the coverage units do the job; Purple starts at their own 12

> Pure running situtation, West loses 2, no time out, 2 minute warning

> West for nothing, Green timeout, 1:54 left

> 3rd and 11 for the game is a draw to Dixon for little, and that's a three and out and the second Green timeout; still a game

> Cook punts to Agholor, who lets it bounce for no good reason; he gets lucky with a null result

> Green is 59 yards away with 99 seconds to go

> Wentz from the gun to Matthews for 8; he fights forever for no good use

> Wentz from the 48 has time and tries Agholor deepish; the ball goes through the WR, of course

> 3rd and 2 with 68 seconds left is Wentz from the gun, moves the sticks to Matthews but the clock burns

> From the Purple 46, Wentz avoids Suggs and throws it away, despite having a man open underneath

> 44 seconds left, 2nd and 10, Wentz from the gun has time and misses high, but illegal contact gives 5 and a first

> 38 seconds left from the Purple 41, Wentz tries Agholor, not open, broken up, WR didn't fight for the ball

> 33 seconds left, Wentz to Ertz, stays in bounds and saves his QB for 24 yards; was wide open

> From the 17, Wentz misses Ertz by a mile in the end zone, and the QB just isn't accurate enough

> 22 seconds left, 2nd and 10 from the 17, Wentz to Agholor, actually draws a flag against the blitz, and it's DPI to set them up deep

> From the Purple 4 with 17 seconds left, confusion pre-snap, long clock, then Wentz tries Matthews in the back corner, no chance

> 12 seconds left, Wentz runs for it and gets in, and that was impressive; beats Weddle to the stripe

> Pederson takes his final time out, then decides to go for 2 and the win/loss; yeesh

> From the gun, Wentz tries Matthews, deflected so no flag, and that's yet another loss you can pin on the coach

> Sure, it's fine to be aggro and all and they don't have playoffs to play for, but percentages aren't with your 2-point win there, and the play they ran was predictable and pointless

> Onside kick fails, Purple sits, and that's it

> The Ravens escape with a win they don't really deserve, not that the Eagle defense really did enough, either

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