Sunday, January 1, 2017

This Year's Poker Champion Is...

Eight years in the making
Dave Shimp, who you see on the right, and I'll be honest... I am mostly posting this here so that the guys in my game can see the picture without having to download a big honking picture. But while I'm at it, a small ad for people who are in the area, and want to get into a great home game.

Dave won $1,768 for his troubles, which is a new high. He also had the most points in our history, which tends to happen every year as the game grows in popularity. You gain a point for every tournament you enter, plus one for every player you outlast, and if you win, it's doubled. Dave won 3 out of the 18 events, cashed in a bunch more, and lasted long enough in the big stacks final to take care of his four remaining rivals. I'd be happier for him if I weren't one of the four.

If you are interested, ping me at dmtshooter at gmail dot com (we write it that way to keep the spammers away), and I'll get you the details. Next game is this Friday; you'll be glad you did.

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