Sunday, January 22, 2017

Top 10 NFL Conference Championship Ad Questions

Furry Lover
10) Is Century 21 losing a lot of sales to robots?

9) Does anyone look at that sad collection of Burger King gristle and think "meal"?

8) Is the best use of the Internet of Things really to tell me when my milk is going to go bad?

7) Does anyone else notice that the people in the Infinity ads seem to be living in a mansion with an absurd amount of space and amenities?

6) If I eat chicken from Popeye's as a male, will it turn my voice to a more feminine register, and if so, how does that help to sell chicken?

5) What do end of life issues have to do with Care Auto Insurance?

4) If you are drinking fast food coffee, can you really win the day, assuming your day doesn't involve some kind of bathroom contest?

3) Do I really need to know the name of the guy who plays the miniature spokesman for Dr. Pepper?

2) Isn't the more realistic case of Order Envy a half hour later, when the people who didn't go to Taco Bell avoid crippling diarrhea?

1) Can't Hermione just use her witch powers to solve the Beast's problem?

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