Sunday, January 15, 2017

Top 10 NFL Final 8 Ad Questions

Bud Out
10) Forget being able to walk on the ceiling and defy gravity, can I simply walk in a straight line without AirBuds falling out?

9) Does Bill Cowher narrate people's lives often, and if so, can't he stop?

8) If I drive a Jeep, do I have to use it to kill skiers?

7) Are Pepsi drinkers prone to absurd fits of delusion, or does drinking Pepsi causes fits of delusion?

6) Why is Watson hanging out with little kids, and can't anything be done to stop it?

5) Has anyone told car makers that driving through huge gobs of snow might not be the be-all and end-all of a buying decision?

4) Does everything that consumes Mountain Dew get eaten, and if so, how does that sell soda?

3) Can I drink fast food coffee without engaging in weak cosplay?

2) What does car insurance have to do with undercover surveillance?

1) Why does Fox advertise the continued existence and employment of Skip Bayless, when Skip Bayless makes decent people spit?

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