Sunday, January 8, 2017

Wild Card Weekend Ad Questions

Stop Touching The Food
10) Are the deaf kids who use Microsoft playing other football teams that are not only deaf, but ten years younger than them, seeing how as they are wildly bigger than their opponents?

9) Did anyone else find the T-Mobile crawling fees ad more than a little nauseating?

8) Could Chevy lower their prices by not having so many oversized display areas with extra sliding door rooms?

7) Are fat guys with Galaxy Fitbit-like devices just going to kill themselves in February, seeing how getting fit appears to be so insanely daunting?

6) Do all horror movie trailers have to end with a white girl getting dragged off camera?

5) Does Honda employ any humans on their production line, or are showboating robots the only workers?

4) If I don't use Cure auto insurance, will they kill my dad? (Joke's on them, he's already dead.)

3) Is Geico making a political statement about how hard it is to convict white guys, or that only white people are dumb enough to post crime evidence to social media?

2) Are people who fly Southwest likely to die at the hands of a medieval recreation?

1) Is the point of the H&R Block ads that Jon Hamm is a dick, and you should not work for him?

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