Sunday, February 5, 2017

Top 20 NFL Super Bowl Ad Questions: Second Half

Whore Like This
20) Does anyone buy the idea that buying jewelry at Tiffany's had any significant impact on Lady Gaga's career?

19) Did the challenge flag ruin the live Snickers ad, or was it already ruined by being a remarkably dumb idea?

18) Is anyone buying the idea that cleaning will get you laid, or that women are desperate to do bald white guys?

17) Are Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart hanging out together for the weed, or are they also, um, let's not go any further?

16) Is the point of the Kia ads with Melissa McCarthy that the planet would be better of if no one tried to help it?

15) Was anyone else excited to see Kristen Schaal do S&M for a wireless ad?

14) Did the NFL really think anyone would be moved by the idea of a nation united by its bloodsport?

13) Why did America's pharma manufacturers decide to sit this game out?

12) If I use, will I be oblivious to my surroundings to the point of death?

11) Are Alexa users incapable of watching their dog?

10) Did Turkish Airlines just try to promote flight from the U.S. by promising trips filled with Morgan Freeman clones?

9) Does Spuds McKenzie's soul wandering the Earth, never to know peace, really sell beer?

8) Why do Mercedes owners want to annoy old bikers?

7) How many Alfa Romeos do they have to sell to cover all of those ads?

6) Given that LeBron James' endorsement in the election didn't go so well, is that why his Sprite ad is so stilted?

5) Is Jeffrey Tambor making a side income as a laundromat now?

4) When the game went to overtime, did the NFL have to just run ads over again, because they had ran out?

3) If Olivia Munn pops into teenaged boy bathrooms, is spilling cleanser really the biggest problem?

2) Are all car ads in February required to show people driving like asshats in snow?

1) Honestly, can someone tell me how Belichick and Brady were able to negotiate the best deal with Satan ever?

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