Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Serpentine Baseball Draft Results

I've given up on hardcore fantasy baseball league work this year, but going completely cold turkey seemed like overkill, especially when I could join a head to head league and talk trash with a lot of people who I've known for decades. So here's this year's exercise in I know less and less about this game, and consequently may finally stop outsmarting myself.

What works about this draft is that I pretty much just surfed ADP for much of it, was able to load up on power guys who are mostly on the upside of their career, and bought in to a bunch of lottery ticket pitchers with upside and injury concerns late. I'm in trouble if any of the offensive guys go down, because I'm thin there, but in a head to head league, the whole goal is to just be live late enough of the year to surf the waiver wire to a win.

That, of course, implies that I'll be in contention that long, or have the time necessary to do the due diligence to keep this group afloat. But I think I've got a puncher's chance, which, considering that I might have spent less than an hour prepping for it this year, is as good as can be hoped/.

Oh, and I don't have to root for slugs like Ryan Braun and Justin Verlander any more. That helps. too.

1.(6)Nolan Arenado (Col - 3B)
2.(19)Max Scherzer (Was - SP)
3.(30)Starling Marte (Pit - OF)
4.(43)Rougned Odor (Tex - 2B)
5.(54)Kyle Schwarber (ChC - C,OF)
6.(67)Carlos Carrasco (Cle - SP)
7.(78)Jean Segura (Sea - 2B,SS)
8.(91)Seung Hwan Oh (StL - RP)
9.(102)Albert Pujols (LAA - 1B)
10.(115)Odubel Herrera (Phi - OF)
11.(126)Cody Allen (Cle - RP)
12.(139)Adam Duvall (Cin - OF)
13.(150)Jeurys Familia (NYM - RP)
14.(163)Kevin Gausman (Bal - SP)
15.(174)Byron Buxton (Min - OF)
16.(187)Steven Matz (NYM - SP)
17.(198)Julio Urías (LAD - SP)
18.(211)Carlos Rodon (CWS - SP)
19.(222)Álex Reyes (StL - SP,RP)
20.(235)Sonny Gray (Oak - SP)
21.(246)Jacoby Ellsbury (NYY - OF)

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