Sunday, July 30, 2017

Falling Out Of Sports?

Getting There...
About three months ago now, I left my home in New Jersey, and my connection to cable television. I took a new gig in California, money is tight, and I've just been renting rooms ever since. In time, maybe a year or longer from now, the plan is to get the family back together, cut our housing expenses to a single location, and maybe then, I can get back to watching sports again.

And then again, maybe not.

Because honestly, when I poke my head above water once a week or so, and try to come up with some gist for this mill, I get...

> More, as if there's anything more to say, about Kyrie Irving

> Tim Tebow hitting his fifth (fifth!) home run of the year in some minor league park, because ESPN can't resist pressing the Tebow button for as long as humanly possible

> Smart people with options quitting professional football, because it will ruin your life

> Coverage of professional football that tries to make everyone forget that everyone who is playing, watching, or covering the game is complicit in a blood-soaked devil's bargain

> Baseball in a year where there are a handful of utterly dominant teams in the National League, which will end in a short data sample that will probably make the preceding six months meaningless

> UFC for everyone who thinks the blood bargain in the NFL isn't bloody enough

And, well... I've been a sports fan for over 40 years now.

But the last three months that have been more or less without it?

Not entirely bad, really.

And certainly more productive...

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