Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Eagles - Bears Top 10 Takeaways: Confidence Is...

No One Is Getting Tired Of This
> Knowing your historically good team (4 straight wins by 20+ points, way more garbage time for QB2 / Human Victory Cigar Nick Foles to come in and take the negative rushing yard kneels) is so good, you choose to put up the Xmas decorations and just listen to the game on the radio, rather than watching

> Clearly spending a good amount of time choreographing celebrations, because you just get so many of them

> Holding a genuinely good running back (Jordan Howard) and scatback backup (Tarik Cohen) to damn near nothing, even when the game was out of hand and there was no shutout to be had

> Not giving up a defensive touchdown in the month of November (!)

> Finally breaking through the artificial barrier of having a 100-yard receiver, because QB Carson Wentz is Actually A Thinking QB, in addition to having ridiculous physical gifts

> Having your biggest problem being that people want to quibble about which of your productive RBs are getting the most touches because no one watches the NFL without fantasy side action anymore

> Discussing in some level of earnestness whether the team has Peaked Too Soon, as if playing good football and having great talent across the board was some sort of finite resource that has to disappear because, well, Philadelphia

> Feeling like they have to lose one of the upcoming West Coast games (Seattle, LA Rams) against better opposition because just beating the stuffing out of teams with weak QB situations has to change when the other team has a guy, even though no guy is really probably worth 20 points

> Writing your takeaways three days after the game ends, because life, and also because there just doesn't seem to be much in the way or urgency or cleverness to say Team Is Good

> Having the sneaking suspicion that the team may actually get a little bit better because key contributors to the secondary are getting online, T Hali Vaitai is getting more and more snaps, and Wentz, Wentz, Wentz...

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