Sunday, November 19, 2017

Eagles - Cowboys Takeaways: The Beatdowns Continue

I Enjoy Seeing This Often
Top ten takeaways from a game where the Eagles played their worst offensive quarter of the season, failed to take advantage of multiple turnovers on the road, and still won going away to wrap up the division before Thanksgiving...

10) If the kicker is concussed, I guess we can give him a pass for missing a short fied goal

9) Another week, another 4-way split of fantasy points for the running backs, with 200+ yards on the ground

8) Having CB Ronald Darby back to join in the fun is officially nice

7) If this was simply a case of the Eagle offense needing a half to burn off the rust from a bye, this team is officially terrifying

6) It says something impressive to a team's depth where the backup LB is able to do a credible job on kickoffs

5) DE Derek Barnett continues to make impact plays, and might actually be the best pass rusher on the team now

4) Without RB Zeke Elliott, Blue is just not nearly as explosive as you might expect

3) If you'd like to call QB Dak Prescott a paper tiger with 3 picks in a must-have home game, I won't disagree

2) WR Alshon Jeffery might not have WR1 numbers given Wentz's Throw It To Everyone mentality, but the eye test is another matter entirely

1) We're sorry, America, this team just isn't interested in prime time games with drama

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