Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Week 13 NFL Picks: Fading At The Finish

Folks... same old song, different verse. No time for much of anything, not even a live view of my beloved Eagles during the best year in franchise history (to date). Shame no one cares about the NFL anymore! It clearly has nothing to do with both NY teams being uninspiring, Dallas and Green Bay staying out of the playoff picture, no good football in the Bay Area or Houston... it must be all about a historically unpopular racist president feuding with black people who make decent coin and don't want to be killed by police.

That or my team is good. One or the other.

Anyway... on to the picks!

* * * * *

WASHINGTON (-1) at Dallas

MINNESOTA (+3) at Atlanta

DETROIT (+2.5) at Baltimore

New England at BUFFALO (+9)

San Francisco at CHICAGO (-3)

Tampa at GREEN BAY (NL)

Indianapolis at JACKSONVILLE (-9.5)

Denver at MIAMI (+1)

KANSAS CITY (-3.5) at NY Jets

Houston at TENNESSEE (-6.5)

Cleveland at LA CHARGERS (-13.5)

CAROLINA (+4) at New Orlenas

LA RAMS (-7) at Arizona

NY GiaOrleansOAKLAND (-8.5)

PHILADELPHIA (-5.5) at Seattle

PITTSBURGH (-5) at Cincinnati

Last week: 6-9-1

Season: 86-83-4

Career: 966-972-40

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