Sunday, January 21, 2018

Eagles-Vikings Diary: Well, I Was Wrong, And I Am Happy

Yup, It's Back
> RB Latatvius Murray for 6 to start, not encouraging, but penetration sets up short third down

> First major play of the day is a draw to RB Jerrick McKinnon, who gets just enough to convert

> Vikings seem slightly out of sorts on first, but get it away to Murray on a screen, who beats S Malcolm Jenkins in the flat for another first down

> Murray pushes the pile for 4, then another first down on a clear throw to WR Adam Thielen; Vikings near FG position

> McKinnon beats CB Ronald Darby in the backfield for another first down, and the defense is on its heels

> McKinnon for 4 as LB Mychael Kendricks is the latest guy to miss a chance at a negative play

> Wide open TD to TE Kyle Rudolph, perfect ball by Keenum, and that's just about the worst possible start to the game, short of injury

> Vikings 7, Eagles 0 after 4:46

> Having the best part of the team get punched in the mouth to start the game, killing the crowd and any good feeling, not ideal

> RPO from QB Nick Foles is on target to WR Nelson Agholor to move the sticks; useful

> WR Torrey Smith gets open deep, but Foles is slightly underthrown, and Smith can't bring it in; opportunity missed

> WR Nelson Agholor on a swing for six yards, good tackling

> Third and four and avoid disaster start is Foles to TE Trey Burton, who can't get his feet down on a terrible unforced error by the TE3

> On the plus side, Foles didn't look bad during that series; on the negative, everyone else is stinking it up

> Unforced error on special teams adds 15 yards to the Vikings offense, as if they aren't comfy enough right now

> Incomplete and DT Fletcher Cox with a shoestring tackle; 3rd and 10 is a big damned deal

> WR Stefon Diggs gets the perfect out and converts on Darby, and the avalanche is getting bigger

> Murray for 2 as negative play potential is missed, but Cox closes

> Diggs drops and suffers a back injury from LB Najeh Goode's knee, setting up 3rd and 8 and another opportunity

> Without Diggs, Keenum is modified just enough by DE Chris Long; CB Patrick Robinson collects the pick and patiently goes 50 yards for a shocking touchdown

> K Jake Elliott converts the PAT, which he's trained us not to take for granted, and the game is tied again

> First TD given up by Minny on offense all year

> Murray for 4, incomplete screen off pressure with a QB hit, and 3rd and 6 with a possible three and out and keep Big Mo is here

> Diggs can't get loose in the flat, with Jenkins holding on for dear life, and that's a three and out that's absolutely essential

> P Ryan Quigley is fair caught by PR Kenyon Barner for 44 yards, and we're back to fill equilibrium, ten minutes in

> RB Jay Ajayi's first touch goes for 13 with startling quicks

> Ajayi gets seven as the line does another nice job on a running play, and he loses a shoe at the close

> Nice catch by WR Alshon Jeffery on a slant to move the sticks without drama

> In Vikings territory, end around to Agholor loses ground, because Minny's seen the Atlanta tape

> Foles to TE Brent Celek is a drop, setting up 3rd and 10 outside of figgie range

> Foles to TE Zach Ertz, who bounces off tacklers to get 11 and move the sticks -- massive play, good throw, good protection

> Foles on RPO to Ertz for 8, then RB LeGarrete Blount mashes just well enough to move the sticks

> Foles to Jeffery on play action, looks as comfortable as he ever gets, nice gain again and that's the end of the first quarter

> 2nd and 2 is a run blitz that keeps Ajayi from converting, but it's in sneak range, except that Foles isn't great at those

> From the gun, play action to Ertz to convert, and it's a significant sign that HC Doug Peterson is putting the key plays in the hands of Foles

> From the 11, Blount gets a nice hole, explodes through contact, and the home team has a lead

> Elliott converts, and it's Green 14, Purple 7

> Elliott's curling line drive kickoff gets to the end zone, so no foul, but something to note for later

> Murray for 1 as DE Vinny Curry gets on the board, then Diggs gets 7 on a slant

> Third and 2 and maybe get some cushion is Keenum missing against a Jenkins blitz, on a play that barely beat the play clock; Keenum looking slightly shaky

> Quigley gives Barner a chance, and he gets 10 yards and pain

> From the Green 30, Blount for 2, then Foles tries Agholor, covered, late, incomplete

> 3rd and 8 sees Foles pump, pull it down, and convert to Ertz for 15 on a play that he clearly doesn't make in the last month; huge

> Ajayi for 3, then an incomplete on pressure that was borderline disastrous

> 3rd and 7 outside field goal range sees Foles hold it too long and take a violent sack, and the QB was lucky to avoid a fumble there

> Jones to the 15 with a fair catch, and so much for margin

> McKinnon for 2 on a play that a better back could have gotten more out of, then Diggs gets 22 on a wide open blown coverage

> Keenum throws it away on a long play that seems like it could have had holding

> Toss to WR Jerrious Wright gets 4 as Kendricks recovers well

> 3rd and 6 with 7:30 left in the second quarter is another major opportunity, and it's Diggs on an 8 yard out that lacked zip or difficulty

> Keenum to Thielen moves the chains again, as the secondary has been too soft

> McKinnon for 3 to long figgie range, then gets another first down on a well-designed screen

> McKinnon for a yard to enter the red zone, then a few to the flat as Kendricks is the lone man on the scene

> Third and five inside the red zone is make or break, and the defense makes a monster play, with DE Derek Barnett with the strip, and DE Chris Long with the recovery

> Second massive play by the defense of the half, and the reason why they are ahead

> Odd screen to Ajayi gets two, then Blount for 2 to get it down to the two minute warning

> RB Chris Clement with a great violent spin and conversion on a pass to the flat -- huge play

> Smith gets 11 on a bubble screen that almost goes deep, then Foles throws deep to no one while looking too excited

> With 85 seconds left in the half at midfield, Foles holds it too long and throws it away, and clock management hasn't worked out well here

> 3rd and 10 with both teams having full timeouts is huge, and Foles is able to avoid pressure and unload to a shockingly open Jeffery for another shocking score

> 53 yards on 3rd and 10 is just about as iconic a play as you can make, so you be you, Nick Foles

> CB Terence Newman, 39 years old, not all that good right now; CB Xavier Rhoades was off with a foot issue

> Elliott connects, and it's 21-7, and more points than I'd think Green would score all day

> 2 for McKinnon, then 5, and with 58 seconds left, opportunity for the defense to really get ahead of the game

> Slant to Wright converts, with Keenum making a big play; first Purple timeout

> McKinnon for 4 in the flat, then Keenum misses an open Diggs

> 3rd and 6 with 44 seconds left is Keenum missing Rudolph due to heavy pressure, and the defense does the job again

> Quigley to the end zone as the gunners miss a chance

> with 29 seconds left, near lateral to Ajayi for 10; dangerous and silly with just 23 seconds left, but Pederson is just playing with house money right now

> Foles to a wide open Ertz down the sideline for 36, and I have no idea what S Harrison Smith was thinking there; massive chance to add to the lead

> Screen to Ajayi gets it inside the 20, and only the clock is stopping this offense right now

> Seriously, Wentz couldn't have played that half any better

> Elliott from 38 makes it, and it's 24-7 Green

> Starting the third with opportunities for serious comfort, it's Foles to Smith for 4, then again to move the sticks on RPO; QB still on point

> Ajayi pinballs for 3, then Foles hits Jeffery on a hot read off the blitz; the WR spins for the first down

> Foles slow to get up as the fan base gulps, but stays in and hands off to Ajayi, who gets five on a nice burst draw

> In Vikings territory, Blount loses to Newman, setting up 3rd and 6 and decide the game kind of play

> Full clock burn, then a screen to Smith, who extends just enough for the first down

> Flea flicker with a bomb to Smith, who fakes the corner and gets to the pylon in front of Smith

> Oh, by the way, Foles makes one of the best throws of his life, and that's as much of a killshot touchdown to start the second half as you could hope for

> 31 unanswered points for the home team

> Murray for zero as Fox changes to coaching hire news, because why talk about the game in front of them

> McKinnon for 13 to quiet down the party, then a draw for 9, and another for 2 to move the sticks

> Keenum to a wide open Wright for 33 into the red zone

> Keenum tries Thielen on the sideline, but out of bounds, then Keenum is able to avoid a sack

> 3rd and 10 in a situation and distance that makes me wonder if it's four down territory is McKinnon getting enough on a hot read to convert, so oh well

> From the 7, incomplete to Wright as Mills closes well on the slant

> Keenum misses Thielen in the back of the end zone, Darby super tight on the coverage

> Third and goal is Keenum missing Thielen in the flat badly, not that he'd likely have gotten in anyway

> Fourth and goal and put the game away is Thielen making what seemed to be an impossible juggling catch, but the replay is clearly an incomplete, and That Could Be That

> Fox analyst Mike Pereria likes that he didn't have to work very hard in this game, and we're all with him on that

> With 21:21 to burn, Fox goes to Celebrity Watching time

> Ajayi for 4, then 1, always falling forward as Pederson goes for Clock Burn

> 3rd and 5 and keep the defense fresh with more burn is Foles to Ertz on a rollout, simple throw, bad coverage, easy conversion

> Ertz now with 82 yards against a defense that kept TEs down all year

> Ajayi for 5, then 1, ball security is everything

> 3rd and 4 and keep everyone thinking Nick Foles Is God is an improv off a scramble to Agholor for a massive chunk, and we're to the point of High Comedy

> Ajayi loses as the offense nearly lost clock containment, then Foles hits Burton, who fights for a first down as Purple looks quittish

> Toss to Clement who motors for another first, and it gets five more on hands to the face from the defense

> From the 5, Ajayi stretches to the 2, and that's the end of the third

> Ajayi loses, and on third and goal, it's Foles to Jeffery for the score

> Elliott converts prior to a pointless fight, and it's 38-7 Green

> I think the Eagles are out of fireworks and touchdown celebrations

> Eagle Fan with world-class trolling by changing the Skol chant to Foles

> Kicking from the 50, Elliott puts it out of the end zone for funsies, but Philly gives back the 15 with some dumbassery

> Vikings HC Mike Zimmer fails to make our day complete by trotting out QB Sam Bradford for victory cigar time

> Diggs for 4, then Wright for 8, clock

> Keenum misses Rudolph, then barely avoids a pick on an overthrow as S Rodney McLeod is a step short; pressure is a major problem for this QB

> For the first time today, Keenum gets 8, setting up 4th and 2; Purple timeout as crowd is in full delirium

> Pressure, incomplete, Fletcher Cox, and the Eagle defense wins on the plays that matter one more time

> Ajayi for 4, Blount for 2 but a Celek hold back it up

> 2nd and 16, Ertz for 4 on that double fake screen that Pederson can't get away from

> 3rd and 12, safe screen to keep the clock running goes to Ertz to pad numbers, and we're 10 minutes from ending this

> Jones to the 9, and it's Dog Mask Time for video panning

> Thielen for 4, because checkdown QBs are kind of his thing, then McKinnon converts for his fantasy football playoff owners

> McKinnon for 7, then 5, and they are very good at running tempo between the 20s

> McKinnon gets 14 and the sideline, but the clock keeps rolling at this point in the game, and the road team is huddling

> Curry nearly catches Keenum on a throwaway, then Diggs sits after a yard so Philly Fan can hate on him

> Diggs for 14 as we're in the Fluff Howie Roseman portion of the program (sure, he deserves it)

> McKinnon for more and LB Nigel Bradham gets his hand on a facemask for bonus

> Wright can't bring in a high throw in the end zone and nearly winds in in the first row

> Interception by CB Corey Graham as he jumps the route on Thielen, and Minny couldn't have been worse in the red zone today

> Ajayi converts as Pederson goes into full Nobody Get Hurt mode

> Ajayi for 15 on a play where he's hit in the backfield and just does not give a damn; sheesh

> Clement converts on third down on an obvious running play, because Purple stopped caring about an hour ago

> All season highs for the Viking defense today, and since the third quarter of the Saints game, they just stopped being the same team

> QB Nate Sudfled on to take the kneels as Dance Party Philadelphia kicks in

> Fox tells us how proud Mike Zimmer should be of getting completely trucked

> Eagles-Patriots II in two weeks, and let's not think about it for a while

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