Sunday, February 4, 2018

Eagles - Patriots Diary: Every Single Play Of The Game You Will Never Forget

> Patriots win the toss and elect to defer. Toss was done by a WWII vet who is clearly in the tank for New England.

> Short kickoff, return gets the status quo, so screw you, Belichick with your kickoff nonsense

> QB Nick Foles to WR Nelson Agoholor, dances and loses, but five yards and Foles Comfort

> Agholor again on the bubble screen gets two

> 3rd and 4 and Jesus Not A Three And Out is Foles with time, moving his feet, hitting WR Alshon Jeffery for the good pick up; really well done

> RB LeGarrete Blount stopped in the backfield, not sure why that's not Jay Ajayi, but the line failed big on that

> Incomplete on a rollout to WR Torrey Smith, not sure why it didn't work

> 3rd and 12 and points left on the table is time and a floater to Smith to convert again, and the line did great work; C Jason Kelce holding up two players

> Great catch by Smith, too

> TE Zach Ertz for seven, and this is all Foles so far

> Ajayi through contact moves the chains, and go man go

> Ajayi through a solid hole, tripped for a gain of six, lots of room there

> RB Chris Clement on a nice enough draw, and the line does fantastic work for a big, big chunk

> First and goal from the five is Blount for four, more holes

> Movement before the snap on Ertz makes it harder

> Trickery doesn't work and Foles throws it away

> Third and goal and money on the table is a fade to Jeffery which doesn't work, and its special teams time

> K Jake Elliott caps a 14 play drive that had everything but the touchdown, and it's 3-0 Green

> Not a fan of the trickery call on second down, and the third down ball to Alshon was a little late, but short of finding tape of a missed guy, all you could ask of Foles there

> Strong pressure and nothing on a throwback to WR Brandin Cooks

> RB James White beats S Malcolm Jenkins on an out, and that's a far too easy first down

> Screen for little, should be ineligible man downfield, but Green had 12 men on the field

> Wide open cross to WR Chris Hogan for 28, and tempo is doing work for Silver

> CB Jalen Mills knocks Hogan out on an end around after a gain of four

> Play action, wide open to TE Rob Gronkowski, another first down with ease

> Brady to White for another gain, and Brady is missing nothing at all

> White stopped by LB Nigel Bradham on the obligatory running play that isn't a great idea

> Third and 4 and money on the table is Mills knocking away an inaccurate ball, and that could have been a game changer of a pick

> K Stephen Gostkowski converts, and it's 3-3 at the 4:17 mark of the first quarter

> Another short kick that's more or less negated by a good return

> Pressure doesn't get there, and Agholor spins after contact for a fun little chunk; LB James Harrison looked bad on that

> Blount for a massive blast of 36

> Deep ball to Jeffery, who owns CB Eric Rowe in the end zone for an apparent touchdown; long and agonizing review confirms it

> Good throw by Foles, great catch by Jeffery, and yeah, everything you could hope for from the QB

> Elliott misses another PAT just to keep things grounded, and it's Green 9, Silver 3

> Short kick and good coverage shorts the favorites by six yards

> More commerce, but NBC, I'm not giving a damn about the Winter Olympics

> RB Dion Lewis runs through contact for eight; DT Tommy Jurnigan misses

> Gronkowski jumps for five, and that's a relief

> Weak ball to Hogan deep doesn't work, and the line is getting a little closer

> 3rd and 7 and crowd getting loud is Brady finding WR Danny Amendola crazy open, and that's just blown coverage -- dammit

> Another first down to Hogan, too easy

> Lewis for a chunk, tempo doing everything they want

> White for a few more, end of the first, break for the defense to get time off before a third down in the red zone

> Third and two and money on the table is Cookis trying to hurdle McLeod, who puts his helmet right in his junk for the stop

> Juggled snap, Gostkowski stop starts and almost makes it anyway, but doesn't

> Points left on the table, and that's a major break on back to back plays for Green

> Ajayi for a few on some odd formation fun, then Foles has all day, no one to throw to, and a toss away

> 3rd and 8 and keep the defense on the bench for longer, please, is Foles making a few miss, then not getting a flag on a try to Ertz

> Could have been defensive PI, but Foles also missed an open man; first real mistake he's made tonight

> Decent punt by P Donnie Jones and a fair catch

> Commerce might help keep the defense fresh, but a three and out is never helptful

> Cooks gets loose deep, who spins into death from Jenkins; Brady also took punishment

> Injury timeout and if that isn't the end of Cooks day, there's no teeth in the concussion protocol

> Back to football, and the secondary really isn't doing the job so far

> Jenkins with a knock down on another ball that's Brady a hair behind on; could have been a pick

> Lewis for five as Bradham loses his helmet and gets verbal

> Third and five and money on the table is trickey to Brady as the wideout, and the QB drops an easy first down

> Fourth and five and big money on the table is deep to Gronkowski, not tight, and the defense is off the field without poinuts again

> CB Malcolm Butler on the bench for a coaches decision, which is all kinds of odd

> Ajayi for a loss of one, then gets a few more after contact

> 3rd and 7 and can't have back to back three and outs is Foles to a wide open Ertz for 19, and that was all kinds of necessary; aggro contact on the DB didn't draw a flag

> Foles misses a wide open Jeffery, who almost bails him out anyway, but that's worrisome

> Jeffery with a great catch on an over the shoulder throw for 22, and that's just A-plus work by the wideout

> Blount explodes for the last 22, as fast as he's looked all year, and that was manly

> Serious revenge move by the back, who looks worlds better than Ajayi so far, and we're more than a little happy right now

> Going for two to get the Elliott miss back is a miss to Jeffery, with Rowe getting involved

> Eagles 15, Patriots 3 in one of the stranger scores you will see

> RB Rex Burkhead gets loose on a screen for 47, and that flips the field fast

> Brady with another wobbly pass, then Amendola nearly dies before a two yard screen

> 3rd and 8 and money on the table is trickery before a null screen

> Gostkowski connects from 45, and it's Green 15, Silver 6

> Cooks won't return

> There's a brief blip in television coverge here that made me wonder if nuclear armageddon had happened, because that would so happen to prevent what I want to happen

> Touchback on an angled kick

> Halfway through the second quarter with the Patriots getting the ball to start the second half is all kinds of important if you want to keep a lead

> Movement on Ertz for the second time today doesn't help

> Clement for one as Harrison makes a play, then Foles to Smith for 10, as he reads off the blitzer

> Third and 4 and keep momemtum is an odd call to Ajayi, but the RB reads through traffic and breaks a big one; offensive line is just owning

> Deep ball to Jeffery, who juggles it and creates a pick that's just all kinds of good luck for Silver

> Good throw by Foles, would have set them up deep with the chance to  build a big lead, but, um, well, nope

> Eagle WRs also don't tackle well enough to bury the Patriots with a deep arm punt, and dammit, dammit, dammit, why does this team get so much luck

> Lewis for 4 before LB Mychal Kendricks makes the hit

> Incomplete to Gronkowski in traffic; physical work by the secondary

> 3rd and 9 and actually get off the field quickly is Silver getting the gift defensive holding call

> Lewis for five, then seven more, and game flow is going in the wrong direction

> Incomplete to Gronkowski as the refs don't call a flag for fun

> Brady to Hogan for a massive chunk as the pressure continues to miss by a half beat; Mills got beat on a double move

> White for the touchdown, running through traffic, and the only good thing about that drive is that it happened so fast, the offense has a chance to answer before the half

> Gostkowski hooks the PAT try, and what the hell

> Green 15, Silver 12, and that could be telling

> You make one mistake against this team, and what could have been 21-6 is now 15-12

> Barner with a plus return, ended by Gostkowski, of all people

> From the 30, Foles with time to Ertz for seven; poor throw by the TE redeems it

> Foles to Smith, Rowe hand fights his way to an incomplete

> 3rd and 3 is a big moment, and Foles floats one to Clement, who fights through poor tackling for 55 yards; monster play

> Clement goes Full Marshawn for a positive play; Silver timeout to try to keep their defense from getting trucked

> Super shifty before a center dive for one, second Silver timeout

> Third and monster money on the table is an out to Jeffery, all kinds of DPI but not when a Patriot does it, but not a great idea

> Fourth and goal because that's how Doug Pederson rolls... but first, a timeout

> Still going for it, and it's hyper trickery for Clement to Burton to FOLES (!!!) for one of the most amazing touchdowns in the history of my laundry

> Seriously, that was one of the best moments of my life as a sports fan

> Elliott hits, and it's 22-12 Green with 34 seconds left in the half

> Crowd erupts with an E-A-G-L-E-S chant

> Brady with too much time, goes deep, should have been picked but wasn't

> Brady to WR Philip Dorsett for an agozingly long and easy completion, final Silver timeout with 22 seconds left

> Brady runs, can't get out of bounds, and follows up with a spike that ends the chance at a field goal

> Significant mistake by Brady to not throw it away on the scramble

> Empty calories screen to Amendola pumps up the yardage and ends the half

> At halftime, rather than pay attention to a show that clearly isn't for my demographic, I go for Sports Twitter which is blowing up over Pederson's Call

> Giant Prince hologram reminds Minneapolis what was lost, which seems

> Belichick defends the Butler benching, of course, and we're all good with that, Bill

> Brady misses a very open Gronkowski, and that's a break

> Perfect ball to Gronkowski for 25, defensive line still not getting there, not a great day for the secondary, either

> Gronkowski owns CB Corey Graham for another 25, and yup, too easy

> Lewis for four, then Brady throws one away as pressure continues to be a beat slow from making big plays

> Third and six and money on the table is an out to Gronkowski, owning Graham for another first

> Tempo to give it to White, who gets through contact for a small gain

> Touchdown to Gronkowski, and that entire drive was the TE beating every defender he saw

> Gostkowski connects, and it's Green 22, Silver 19 and so much for the defense adjusting after the halftime and making anything easy

> Barner with a decent return, but it comes back on a hold, and the flag count is going predictably Silver's way

> Blount for 4, then a drop by Agholor on a slow developing rollout into traffic

> Third and six and all kinds of necessary given the defense tonight is a long clock cross to Agholor, who gets past contact and snaps off 19

> Massive play in the flow of this game

> Blount for another effective five, long clock again, and hops like a bigger LeVeon Bell to move the sticks again

> Foles misses Smith on what could have been a hold or DPI, but LOL Patriots

> Ajayi for nine stumbling yards as the line continues to just blow up their matchup

> 3rd and 1 as S Patrick Chung goes off, outside of field goal range, but G Steve Wisnieski also goes off, and Pederson goes play action to Ertz for 14 -- just stone killer playcalling so far

> Blount for four and falling forward, then Foles throws it away on worrisome back foot improvisation

> Third and six from deep figgie range, up three, is money on the table time again... and it's just a stone perfect ball to Clement for a 22 yard touchdown, and that is the most amazing thing yet in this game, because it's a close call that doesn't go for Silver

> Another perfect throw by Foles, independent of any call controversy

> Elliott connects, and it's Green 29, Silver 19 in one of the more unlikely pinball games you'll ever see

> Lewis to the 25, because no special teams can look real good tonight

> NBC is going to troll this catch for, like, ever

> Lewis for 1 as negative running plays continue to not end right away

> Incomplete on a late out bailed out on a hold against Gronkowski, who looks like he was shot

> Lewis for 1, then a cross to Hogan that CB Ronald Darby can't close on enough for another first down, and yet another half second late pressure

> Jenkins with a nice hit after 3 for White, then 5 as Mills is the last man to get there

> 3rd and 2 and will we ever force a punt is yet another wide open WR deep, this time Amendola, and the defense just can't get off the field all night

> Easy touchdown to Hogan, and that's two drives where the Patriot was hot knife through butter

> I'm not sure where the team that makes good halftime adjustements on defense is, but I'd like to come back

> Brady already has 400+ yards

> Gostkowski connects, and it's Green 29, Silver 26 in a game that's going to kill me

> RPO to Agholor, another perfect ball, for 24, and yup, this is Peak Foles

> RPO to Smith, right down the seam, another first down, with the added benefit of full clock burn; Wisnieski back

> Blount for 2, then Agholor on the end around moves the chains

> Foles tries Burton in the end zone to no avail, and I'd much rather they keep it on the ground and avoid fast strikes

> Chung's back as well as Smith gets eight on a well blocked screen

> Third and 3 and only touchdowns matter in this game has Green burn the clock to end the third, and it's 29-26 after three

> Terrible call and execution on an Agholor screen kills any chance of fourth down hijinks

> Elliott from 42 is good, with an offside against the Pats declined

> Even the flags against the Patriots don't count

> Green 32, Silver 26, and it's be nice if the defense actually makes a play now, given that losing the lead is kind of a problem

> Pederson doesn't onside kick, which might have been an idea, honestly

> Burkhead for five, then for 10 more as even the run defense isn't showing up

> Burkhead for four, no one tackling well

> Hogan stopped in front of the sticks, and an actual third down outside of figgie gange

> Third and three and all I want is a single punt is an out to Amendola as the blitz does nothing; another poor play by Mills

> Cross to Amendola for another huge chunk as the defensive line isn't even getting close now

> Screen to Amendola for 9, and lather, rinse, repeat

> Second and 1 from the 7 is White for four, and the Patriots go tempo to keep the defense on the field, as if it matters

> From the four, an actual incompletion to White

> Second down is a fade to Gronkowski, who makes an absurdly difficult catch over Darby

> Just the best TE in NFL history, doing what he does, catching a pass from the best QB in NFL history

> Gostkowski converts the very not automatic PAT, and it's Silver 33, Green 32 for their first lead

> Brady with 457 yards and counting

> Long clock, then Ajayi for 4 as Things Get Tense

> Foles with too much time throws a jump ball to Smith, with full DPI/OPI not called

> Third and six and if you give the ball back here it's over is a Patriot time out on long clock, because Belichick understands the moment

> After the timeout, it's Foles to Ertz on a cross for a monster first down, and yeah, That Was Important

> Blount for 2, Things Get More Tense

> Foles to Clement for 7, good surge by the rookie on Chung, but couldn't quite get enough

> Third and one and my family needs to stop texting me is Foles to Smith on more gimmickry that doesn't work, and it's fourth down on a poor call

> Fourth down and Pederson is going to do what Pederson is going to do is Foles to Ertz, just enough, and my God, the draama from this team

> Five minutes left and just kill me, Eagle timeout

> Blount for a yard, then Foles scrambles and gets it to Agholor to move the sticks, and that's immense as well

> Clock becoming a factor as Foles hits Agholor for another nice chunk, and Chung goes down for a cheating New England timeout with 3:07 left

> Most yards in Super Bowl history and counting

> Agholor fights for a first down on a bubble screen, but the clock stops on the out of bounds, which is kind of not good

> Ajayi backs his way into a gain of three, and that's the second Patriot timeout

> From the 12, fade route to Jeffery, horrible play call -- not enough of a chance to work, and if it does, too much time left on the clock

> 3rd and 7 and total stress vomit time is Foles on a cross to Ertz, who bobbles it into the air and it's ruled a touchdown on the field

> The longest and worst minute of our lives ends with the latest NFL officiating debacle, where the clear and obvious good play by the offense is turned into... a touchdown, by Ertz

> Jesus Humping Christ Sports Is Going To Kill Me

> Most important 2-point conversion ever is Foles trying for Clement, missed, and I think the QB missed an opportunity had it come out faster

> Green 38, Silver 33 as the E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES chants are heard

> It's on the defense to stop Brady, with 2:21 and one timeout, plus the two minute warning

> Gronkowski for 8 and a clock stop

> Sack and strip by Brandon Graham, and HOLY UNRECOGNIZABLE JESUS IT'S A TURNOVER as Derek Barnett gets the recovery

> From the Patriot 31, Blount for 3, last Patriot timeout with 2:03 left

> If you are going to throw a pass, now's the time with the 2 minute warning coming

> Blount struggles for a few more, and if that had been a pass and a first down, this goddamn game is over

> 3rd and 5 and the chance for the killshot to end all kill shots is Blount for a loss, not helpful but at least not a disaster

> Full clock burn, then timeout at 1:10, and it's on Elliott to make from 46

> It's torture from NBC, then the kid hits, because it's not a PAT, and it's 41-33 Green

> Patriots try trickery on a short kickoff, and it loses for Silver; GOD DAMNED HELPFUL

> From the 9, 58 seconds left, Brady tries Hogan, was open deep on the sideline, but it falls short

> 53 left, incomplete to White as Brady scrambles and fails on a bad idea throwback

> 48 left, 3rd and 10, incomplete as pressure gets there late

> 42 left, 4th and 10, one play to win the only Super Bowl in franchise history is a cross to Amendola, clock running, 26 seconds left

> 26 left, throw to Gronkowski for 10 and out of bounds, a lot of time

> 20 left, throw to Gronkowski, 15 and out of bounds at the Patriot

> 13 left from the Patriot 49, out that Darby nearly intercepts

> 9 left from the Patriot 49, Brady avoids pressure, throws deep to Gronkowski for the Hail Mary, the ball is bobbled in the end zone and hangs for an eternity.. and it's incomplete

> A lifetime of waiting for the Eagles to win a Super Bowl ends

> And all it took was the most yards in NFL regular season or playoff history

> Much more later

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